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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Update To Update

In the last post I said I got $1350 this week in money owed me. Then, I figured out that $200 was just a promise. But, the $200 check from ATT came in the mail yesterday. Sooooo, I did get $1350 in the mail this week. Of course, I am back to square one after paying things I owe and have owed for awhile.


  1. I don't really ever play the lottery, but with all this money coming to you, owed or not, I wonder if you should play just one, small, cheap lottery ticket ? LOL

  2. Jane,
    You would think that might be a good idea! One time about 40 years ago, I won every little thing I entered, even when I forgot I entered. It was scaring my husband. THEN, I entered a drawing for a car and did not win. That broke my winning streak.

  3. Easy come, easy go, is not a quote to be used in this day and age. Hard to come by, quick to leave, is more appropriate.

  4. lotta joy,
    None of was earned easily. Hard to come by, quick to leave is very much appropriate.

  5. Linda, I came back looking for you email, but didn't see one so I'll write to you here. Where are you from in Mississippi, and are you now in flatland Alabama or hill-country Alabama, the former being as homely as the latter is lovely? Mississippi is prettier overall (so much of Alabama being ugly), but Alabama has some places that are prettier than anything Mississippi offers. I somehow didn't notice that you were a Southerner until I came back just now. Marion, Rhymes, Charles, and Ellen, are my most loyal Southerner readers, and Creekwalker is a transplanted Southerner. I see that Lotta Joy is here on your blog, and she lives in Florida, but she's too recently there to be considered Southern.

    1. Snowbrush,


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