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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Green Plastic Knife

Why would I buy this?

It is cheap--$1.50--and very useful. It is green plastic. I had a shorter one, a curved one from Tupperware. No, I did not pay for the Tupperware knife. This one is 12.5 inches long. Plastic utensils are not my idea of a useful object, normally.
Have you guessed yet?
I am not a fan of smashing a head of lettuce to remove the core. Using a metal knife on lettuce causes it to turn brown. My little green Tupperware knife from the late 60s or early 70s was so handy to use on all lettuces and cabbage and any other produce that turned brown with  metal knife contact. This knife won't work to keep apples from turning brown! So, my new, cheap, Old El Paso knife for $1.50 works for me.

                                                   The lettuce knife above, not mine, but one like it
                                                                       about 8 inches long
But, you prefer the look of torn lettuce? I only stand for so long before I hurt, so cutting lettuce will work for me until I have a couple of surgeries. Or, maybe forever. Besides, some days I only cored the lettuce for ease of washing and tearing.
In a pinch, use a plastic knife, the disposable utensil kind if you have one.
Your turn
Did you ever have one of the Tupperware lettuce knives on lettuce? Or, one of the Old El Paso ones? Or any plastic knife?


  1. I still have my Tupperware lettuce coring knife. Did yours wear out? I love the little free Tupperware utensils. They're so handy. I also have a larger Tupperware knife that I can use in a pan with non-stick coating. That one I bought as part of a set of utensils.


    1. Janie,
      No, it did not wear out. I think it is just hiding somewhere. I never look for it unless I want to use it right now. Someday, I need to just rummage through two drawers. It has probably migrated to the back. Did yours wear out?

      The first and only time I used a ceramic knife, I cut a huge slash in my finger. I plan to never touch one again. I don't own one, but never thought of using one on lettuce--a good idea. I have never seen the Tupperware knife, but don't own and non-stick pans.

      I only had Tupperware parties to help out friends so they could get something big. I love Tupperware and the parties, but assured everyone I was working for nothing special. No pressure to buy!

    2. Mine has not worn out. It's in perfect condition after about 30 years.

  2. I just bought a ceramic knife. I also have some "antique" fruit knives that are made of glass. They often were bought as souvenirs and were sometimes engraved with names or sentiments.

    1. Janet,
      Before careful with that ceramic knife! See other comment on this post. I have never seen a glass fruit knife. How interesting. I will now go to my favorite antique store and ask to see one. Thanks for that tidbit.

  3. I will see if I can't send you a photo of the glass knives. I have a small collection of glass knives and glass salad utensils.

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