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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Finding My Work Gloves: My Method

new Wells Lamont insulated work gloves

Saving time, money, and energy are important to me. I hated the eternal question I asked myself: Where are my work gloves? I did not want to leave them in the basement or the side porch. A spider or something might take up residence in a glove finger. The thought gives me the heebie jeebies. Besides, I did not want to have to go down in the basement to retrieve them. Most importantly, someone always just puts on my gloves, meaning I will never put the gross gloves on again.

Why will they be gross if someone uses them? I have allergies. If someone decides to use my gloves halfway through yard work, then grassy or dirty hands will make the inside dirty. When, I put the gloves on, I will suffer from allergies and be miserable when hives appear. I do keep all sorts of gloves for people/friends who work here.

Anything that is by the back door is carried off or just ruined by some "friend" who does not understand that I have to replace what is never returned when "borrowed." If the item is returned soiled or torn (like an umbrella), I must deal with it. No one has ever replaced a broken umbrella. I digress. This is about gloves. Rarely does anyone go into my laundry room. Soooo, my work gloves live there. I know that nothing in the laundry room has anything to do with outdoor work or gardening, but my work gloves are safe here.

Years ago, I devised a method of securing my gloves where I could find them. In the laundry room I used a Tupperware item meant to hang socks. Well, that is what I think the little gadget is for. What did you use them for?

Dress gloves are a different post.

Me? Work? Well, if you think I work much, rid yourself of that silly notion. I cannot touch any growing thing without have an allergic reaction. It is a lovely condition. NOT One day while I was wearing gloves and mowing with my reel mower, I scratched/rubbed under my glasses my eye. Later that day, my eye up to eyebrow and over to my nose, plus an inch on the side of my face and under my eye was horrid looking.

It took three weeks and many stages of horrid skin to finally look normal. That is why if someone puts on my gloves with a finger that has touched a plant, I break out all over my hands the next time I use the gloves. I have pictures of my face. I looked like a burn victim. So, it is wholly self-preservation when I seem selfish with my gloves and really picky about who even thinks about using them.

UPDATE: I wear leather gloves to do anything in the yard, but they are drying out right now. So, I only have hanging the winter, leather, thinsulate-insulated work gloves I found on sale for $3.

Your turn
Do you have a special place for your work/gardening gloves?  Do people just assume everything you have is theirs to use, abuse, and never return?


  1. Haha, OMG, I thought I was the only one who freaky about my work gloves. I don't have the allergies as you do--well a few-not everything. I am just neurotic and kinda OCD. Not that OCD is a bad thing. I am sure I wouldn't have been as nearly successful in my life if it were not due to my neurosis.

    But I digress...I have 2 baskets in my garage--1 is clean gloves and the other is dirty gloves. With the exception of vinyl or leather gloves, I wash them 1x per month. THen when they are fall apart they are pitched. I probably have a half a dozen new pairs stashed away--just in case. Because you never know when a big pruning emergency will happen!

    And FYI--I wear gloves to wash dishes. I have seperate bathroom cleaning gloves. And I buy packs of disposable food safe gloves for food prep, canning, touching chicken (or seafood), making meatloaf or rolling out dough. I hate stuff sticking to my hands... Don't judge, haha

  2. LOL...and some guess that I just have OCD, I really like gloves, but not quite as much as you. I probably have more gloves and kinds of gloves than most people. But, you win. I work very hard to keep things off my hands. However, I don't go to the lengths you do. I really have very bad contact dermatitis, so only a squeaky clean hand goes into my work gloves, so it will be very clean inside the gloves.

    Thank you so much for your response. You made my day with your description.

    No judgment here!

  3. Work gloves? For making beds maybe? I mean, they're clean.

    1. LOL...those are the new, warm work gloves I just bought for $3 that were originally $15, I think. Look at the bunny post. Those are he other new work gloves, used just once.


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