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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Handwritten Cookbook and Chick Names

I keep a handwritten book of recipes that I love, use often, or that are my children's favorites. When I was in Walmart, I spotted a journal that would be perfect for recording loved recipes. The journal was less than $6. You could use something similar or choose a journal that is already in your possession.
My recipe book came from BAM and has RECIPES on the front. Since I bought this over 20 years ago, I doubt it is still on the market. I received a cookbook one Christmas. I only use one recipe from it. That recipe is in my handwritten book. If the house were on fire, I would grab my handwritten recipe book and run. My book saves me time and saves having many pieces of paper around with recipes on them.
Actually, I am going to make hard copies as well as scan the recipes in my handwritten recipe book.

Chick Names

When I got three chicks, I needed names for a trio of some sort. Exbf suggested the Andrews Sisters. The chicks get girl names since I hope for girls.

So, they are LaVerne, Patty, and Maxene. If they are roosters, we have Vern, Pat, and Max. Of course, since LaVerne died, she will never have a boy name. Maxine is the little yellow chick. Patty is the large bully.

How do you name animals?


  1. Beau was going to be Lilly, until I saw this strange thing that Lilly had between her legs. So on the ride home, with the ex-Lilly in my arms, I ran through every scenario of names. The name Beau stopped me dead in my tracks, and Beau it was. My fantasy is to have another furchild and name it Buttons. Buttons and Beau. awe... I love you chicks names.

  2. lotta joy,
    That's a funny story. My kids named our pets lots of things regardless of their equipment. Now, you just need a new furchild because Buttons and Beau is so cute.

    I had Thelma and Louise, but Louise met a violent death. Ethel left Lucy behind here. Thank you. Now, if they could only sing.

  3. Me and you are good, Linda. No Worries. I would comment more here but if I can't make out the word verification after a couple of tries I give up and leave. here goes, the rat

  4. yea! I didn't know you have it turned off!!!!

  5. I hate word verification and hated moderating. So, I just turned off the anonymous option. That seems to have fixed the annoyances. I just tell people to email me and I will post their comments if they don't want to reveal themselves.


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