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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Bachelor's Soup Recipe

This is a very frugal recipe, a recipe exbf told me he made. He was very proud of himself. I was openly laughing at it, asking how he could eat such. But, it was all free food to him from me, so he was willing to eat it. He said it actually was good. He loves eating here and taking home a quart of my homemade soup. I am not recommending this. Well, if you cannot cook at all. . . .

1/3 can mixed vegetable
1/3 can tomato soup
1/3 jar salsa
several sausage patties pulled apart

Heat in a pot.

One day, I asked him what he had ever cooked. His answer: hamburger patties for a hamburger, microwaved frozen vegetables and chicken slices, boiled hot dogs rarely ever, heated cans of soup or stew. He can eat prepared, microwaved food.

He is almost 60, never married. No one ever taught him to cook, and he said he was too lazy to clean up all that cooking entailed. He cannot even cook an egg in any form because he hates eggs.

I know you all know men who can cook well or barely passing. I really don't call this even passable. He knows I am writing this, so this is not a backstabbing attack.  I asked him if I could write this.

His cooking method reminds me of Hemingway's Nick in Big Two-Hearted River, Part I. Nick made a campfire and poured a can of spaghetti and a can of pork and beans into a pot for his dinner. When I read this description, I felt revolted.

 Your turn
Do you know anyone who "cooks" like this?  Do you or did you ever? Do you have a favorite combination of cans you prepare. Tell me a story.


  1. I know the same guy! My husband's, first wife's brother (I is confusing)lives in his motor home out in front of our house for most of the year. He loves my cooking but on the occasion that I don't cook he eats sardines,or a hard boiled egg (that I cooked) or maybe he microwaves a piece of talipa. I must say that he does eat fresh fruit and vegetables and enjoys leftovers. He will eat anything that I fix and put in front of him. He never needed to learn to cook as he went straight from his mother's home to married life. He and his wife were married something like 25 years before they split up. Somehow I inherited him!!!! Don't get me wrong if I didn't love him he wouldn't be parked out front!

    My daughter isn't much of a cook either. On top of it she and her children are vegetarian. (Her husband isn't) She fixes 3 meals a day but most of her ingredients come from the freezer or a can. I must say that they do eat a TON of fresh fruit and vegetables but she rarely does much more than heat something up.

    My Aunt gave me a recipe that is somewhat similar to what your exbf "cooks". It is called tamale soup (yes, tamales out of a can) and is surprisingly quite tasty. I know the sodium is probably off the chart!

  2. Janet,
    People who don't cook should love other people's cooking. I forgot, exbf does not like eggs, tuna, basil in anything, or bananas.

    That is a strange arrangement. Your husband must like his ex-wife's brother better than he liked her.

    Somehow, I don't picture a vegetarian eating from a can or freezer. You are so right about the sodium.

    I think as long as people eat lots of fruits and vegetables, they are really doing well, even if they aren't eating exactly right. Thanks for the examples.

  3. Papa Bear can cook rice and microwave popcorn!....If he didn't have me he would live off of this.

  4. Mamma Bear,
    Good for him. Exbf can microwave popcorn. I forgot about that. Thanks for sharing.


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