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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Money Rolling In! Bankruptcy and Other Tales CORRECTION

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As some of you may know, I filed bankruptcy in 2003 and put my house and car in the plan, paid it off and the house was mine. Just before the bankruptcy, my home was in foreclosure, two days from  being sold on the courthouse steps. Plus, the car was in danger of being repossessed. Bankruptcy was the only way out. An injury had rendered me incapable of working.

Wells Fargo was a pain when I did not need problems beyond what I had. When I had made a February payment, the attorney (not my attorney) to whom I paid my check had a secretary call me. I was floored because I had never received a call from the attorney. I always called them. It seems that I had finished with my plan the previous August. They requested I send no more money. Gladly! Lest you think I am a flake, I still have the papers that state the dates of the plan. I called my attorney and he was shocked, too. I did get a refund.

In the meantime, my attorney called me, another first. He said Wells Fargo had filed to sue me because they made a mistake when agreeing to the bankruptcy plan. Boo Hoo! The judge refused to allow WF to sue me. THEN, after WF had collected my escrow for five years, they refused to pay my insurance, leaving me without homeowner's insurance, unbeknownst to me until six months into the year. I called and griped and WF threatened to cause me further problems. Plus, the guys called me names and ridiculed me for not being smart enough with my debt. They ridiculed me for not having money. The guys told me I was a loser and did not deserve a house, that they were glad I was going to be homeless. This was all after  the house was mine, free and clear.

I have no idea if my attorney is behind this refund.  I don't think so. It appears from the $300  check that there was some sort of audit. I wonder if the auditors know that WF did not pay for the insurance out of escrow they collected.

About 3 years ago, I worked for someone who was going to pay me to stay with her grandchildren before, during, and after a hospital stay and surgery. In the end, she asked me if I would take food instead of the $750 she owed me. Uhhh, well, okay, but only when the grocery, gas station, utilities will accept food for payment. She promised the money soon. A month later, when I called, her sil said they would file a police report for harassing communication if I EVER called again. Believe me, I would have taken care of her with my own actions, not threats, but hated to.

Sooo, I emailed her three years later and told her I would get an attorney if she did not pay me. Four days later, I received a $750 check. Last Thursday I was rich. I hated to sue a friend, but obviously . . . .

Two days ago, I received an unexpected $200 check, money owed me. When I remember why, I will post. No, No, No, that did not happen.
CORRECTION: No, I did not receive a $200 check.. I am just planning how I will spend the $200 check that I will get. I spent 1.5 hours on the phone with ATT, arguing with a dozen people about the reward I have not received. I was told 'sorry, you will not get it."  THEN, I was told I would receive, not a card with the reward on it, but a check. So, there it is, me confused. What I received was HOPE.

It may seem that I am rolling in dough. No, but my house will be sold next Tuesday at auction if I do not pay my taxes on Thursday or Friday! Plus, I must pay by May 10th, the largest utility bill I have ever had and the largest I have ever had for March. (It was just plain cold and damp here.) I paid someone to mow, weed eat my yard, pick up trash instead of mowing over it, and rake the yard. Nothing on the list was done completely. The guys are planning on coming back in two weeks. I have no plans to employ them ever again! Property taxes, utility bill, and yard work. I am wiped out of my little fortune.

That was $1250 in one week, all mine but late in coming. Tomorrow, most of it will be gone.

Your turn
Have you had money owed to you for months or years and finally get it when you have given up hope? Of course, the $750 paid me just saved her attorney fees and court costs.


  1. I am so glad that the money owed you has come home. Isn't it funny how cash is either feast or famine, and more often than not, famine ?
    Interesting to me is that Wells Fargo is apparently as incompetent and as inflexible as Bank of America.

  2. Jane,
    Feast or famine aptly describes the situation. Yes, famine is the usual state for me. Emboldened by this state of affairs, I will now tackle a job with federal govt where I was cheated of benefits. No one wants this situation in the news.

    I will never again have any dealings with either bank. I am still wondering if this was a routine audit situation or if this was a mandate because of problems. Today, I will get that part straightened out.

  3. Wells Fargo told you they were glad you'd be homeless? Our mortgage is with WF and we're current but our house needs lots of work we've not had the money to do. When we die, WF will be sorry to get the house.

  4. Patti,
    Yes, they were so cruel to me. Go ahead, leave them a money pit. That will show them. I was not ready to I am sure these young men were early twenties or thirties, losers themselves, who got a kick out of making fun of people in their own lives. I objected and was ignored by their supervisors. Wells Fargo got all the law allowed them, all they agreed to and they were so inept they made a mistake. Hey, they are supposed to be professionals. Then, cruelty was their only recourse to make them feel they got the best of me.

  5. We got the same check - it is from some recovery plan thing that all people who went through a foreclosure during a certain period of time got. No matter - money is money...enjoy it. I'm getting half our ours to repay our savings from buying that new/used washing machine and My Man will get the rest to put towards buying inventory for ebay....BAM, just like that and it's gone:( Wish we could have done something FUN with it!!

    1. Michele,
      Yes, I wished I could have done something fun, too. Hmmm, was yours with Wells Fargo? Did you know you were going to get money back in a recovery? But, it was so helpful to me right now.


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