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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The First Bunny et al

first bunny sighting of the year
cute because there are no food plants to eat, yet

waiting on me

pint of bananas=4.5 bananas
Tops are askew for cooling because there are fruit flies in the kitchen!
4 oz. cherries=what was left in the bag of frozen cherries
I have not yet emptied the two other trays of dehydrated bananas. So, this was only two trays, one whole and one partial tray of the four trays I dehydrated. They spent longer in the dehydrator because it was raining when I put them in. The cherries, once plump halves, were so flat and stuck to the dehydrator sheets. See where I had to pry them off the mesh?
The 4 oz. Ball jars are marvelous, magic, much loved around here. I even have 2 oz. Ball jars.
Unlike the cherries sold dehydrated in the store, these have no sugar or chemicals. They taste better.
Your turn
I know that some of you do not think bunnies are cute when they raid your garden. Does anyone else enjoy these sweet animals in the yard? Or, do you eat them and enjoy them in another way? The rain stopped the transplanting and almost ruined my bananas before dehydrating. How has the rain stopped you from performing your spring chores?


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