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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cheap Protection

Protection from impetigo (defined later on). Protection from mosquito bites. Protection from staph infection. Protection from strep infection.  Protection from the sun. Do I have your attention yet? What if you have no money or way to receive modern treatment? It gets better after I stop being silly and shallow.
"Just take a picture of my arm." "Just my arm, okay?"  "Don't get that branch in the picture."  "We should both be in the shade for this picture." " Have you got it?"
Mosquitoes bite me. The sun hurts my skin. I scratch bites over and over until I make sores and scabs stay there for months--until I need long sleeves again. I scratch in my sleep. The look is gross, sort of like an impetigo victim. A "farmer tan" is not a look I want to rock. Yes, there is a bit of vanity involved.

Even though I never wear sleeveless, strapless, or even spaghetti straps anymore, I do not need a tan where short sleeves end.  I had an idea--sleeves I could remove. (Besides, I am trying to avoid more age spots.) I cut sleeves from a long sleeve t-shirt that I bought for $1 for another purpose. I know it won't block UV rays, but it is some help. I hate to wear sunscreen!  I won't wear sunscreen. I cannot cool off, so I get over-heated and ill with sunscreen or bug spray on me, more so with sunscreen. Mosquitoes don't bite through the sleeves. If mosquitoes start to be a problem, I can just spray the fabric.
If you care to learn more, there is a company that makes sleeves from material that gives more UV protection. I will not pay that much for something I can duplicate or approximate. Look here, or here for information on Solumbra, a company that made the first UV resistant fabric. UV rays are responsible for melanomas.
Mosquito bites can result in impetigo staphylococcus or streptococcus infections. Read more here. You might want to see pictures of impetigo: more pictures and information is here. 
"Just take the picture"
Pants too small
Hair damp and straight from sweat
This is definitely a picture of more than my arm.
That is a plastic bag stuffed in the L pocket, not fatness.
Cell phone and keys are in R pocket. 
The camera was tilted down, resulting in a shorter me. ???
I keep a tube of triple antibiotic in my purse at all time so I can put it on any mosquito bite I scratch. Now, these sleeves will help me avoid mosquito bites. The sleeves can be removed easily to cool off.
Another pair of sleeves will be kept in the car to avoid sun on my arms. These can be scooted down low on my hands. The pair for the car will be longer and have a thumb hole cut and have elastic at the top to keep them up while I'm stretching my arm as I drive.
Mama said every time she took me by train to her mother's house, that I, an infant in arms, caught impetigo. She allowed me to touch nothing, yet the environment was right. My son was in the fourth grade and kept impetigo all one school year. He took antibiotics and used a cream, repeatedly. Yet, I could not eradicate it after multiple doctor visits. Finally, in the summer, another swim team mother complained at the pool that her son kept impetigo all the school year. Her husband, a vet, had medicated the child all year. Both our children suddenly had no more impetigo when school was out.
I reminded her that our sons sat front and back of each other. When I told her my son had impetigo all year, too, we realized our children were infecting each other. However, my two younger girls did not catch it. The little one would have been hugging and kissing her brother often, touching the place that eventually covered half his upper lip and up onto his nose. The doctor was puzzled why it spread each time my son caught it again.
If you fear not being able to get proper antibiotics for impetigo or not being able to go to the doctor, prevention might be a good idea. Maybe a pair of these sleeves would help.
Maybe you could slow or prevent the growth of skin cancers with adequate coverage of clothing in the summer. Since the sleeves come off, I do not have to disrobe to cool off, just remove the sleeves for a bit.
Look around your home for sleeves to salvage from used clothing. Elastic at the top of the sleeves will help keep the sleeves up around the upper arm. Use a woman's sleeves for an older child. Use sleeves from a size larger than you would wear. Guys, don't worry what people will think when you are working or playing--you are protecting yourself. I want a thick white, men's dress shirt for my next sleeves for the car. (In the car I heard bright blue was best.)
Tonight, I am so tired that I feel this post is scattered.
Your turn
Did you know that impetigo can start with a mosquito bite? Did you know that staph and strep cause impetigo? From what I have been told, both live on our skin most of the time and cause us no harm. Did you know a person, especially a child, can develop kidney disease and possibly die from impetigo? Have you seen children who are infected all over with impetigo? I have. If there is a nurse or doctor who can correct me or has additional information, feel free to comment. 


  1. That's an interesting idea, sleeves that are removable. I might use them mowing some areas of our place, or when welding something small vs. a heavy leather jacket. They would be handy to have.

    1. Ron,
      I am so glad you mentioned these two uses. I would never have thought of them. Maybe you could take an old shirt of jacket and cut it where the sleeves were intact to the top with the back and front cut out. The sleeves, shoulder seam, and collar could be left intact so the sleeves would not interfere with machinery or welding. Thanks for the interesting comment.


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