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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"mama needs a new pair of shoes"

$1 paid=waste

Why did I waste $1 on this ticket? Maybe I should have just learned to play Craps! Right! I forgot that being on my knees for long is painful. This is why I never gamble. Not because of my knees, but because it is stupid.

The guy ahead of me bought 4 and won $11. Silly me was inspired. I bought off another roll to increase my chances, just like the lady told me. Silly me.

One day my children were playing Monopoly. The youngest was just four-years-old. I was in the kitchen cooking. Suddenly, I heard her say, "Mama needs a new pair of shoes." It was her turn to throw the dice. Oh, my! This mama flew into the den and tried to be casual. "Where did you ever hear that?"  "Happy Days" And I approved of that show.

I learned my lesson with that ticket: Never buy one. Buy four so I can win $11? Stupid me.

Seriously, I will not be giving away money again.

Confession time
What kind of gambling is you downfall? Yes, this was a low point in my life. Do you ever gamble? What are your limits?


  1. I don't gamble. Dr. X was addicted to it, and it frightens me. I've never purchased a lottery ticket. Someone I worked with gave me a scratch off ticket for Christmas one year. I didn't know what it was. She had to show me what to do with it. I didn't win anything.


  2. Janie,
    I forgot. When in NYC for the first time, I did buy a lottery ticket of some sort. I did not even know how to buy it and had to ask daughter and SIL what to do to see if I won. That was in 1997. When I went back, I had no interest. So, I am done.

    Dr. X? Your husband?

    I don't mind being a dummy about gambling. There is no lottery in our state. So, I am safe even if I decided to gamble more.

  3. I live in Nevada! When I first came here I gambled all the time. I have won thousands of dollars and I am pretty sure I am ahead. I have won free meals, free shows, free rent. I hit the wheel of fortune machine for a 1000 dollars twice in one year. I hardly ever gamble anymore, Mrs. Rat can't handle the cigarette smoke so we still go to all the restaurants but we don't hang out in the casino floor area much. Doctor appointments have taken the place of late nights. Sometimes I waste 2 bucks waiting for Mrs. Rat to come out of the bathroom That's about it.

  4. Rat,
    You are one of the truly lucky. That is lots of free stuff. I cannot gamble in casinos if there is cigarette smoke. That solves that. I have a cousin who lives in Nevada or Arizona and likes the casinos.


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