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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hens' Dinner Tonight--Free

like a pancake/cookie that is baked in the oven
1/3 will be dinner for two hens tonight
I took eggs that were about to be old and some free cornmeal, mixed it, sprinkled crushed eggs on top, and baked it on parchment paper on a broiler pan. It was like a huge cookie or pancake. I measured nothing since the consistency did not matter. I did put about a tsp of salt since chickens need salt and salty is delicious to their palates.

I wished I had taken a video of the hens attacking their dinner.

Update: He came here today, May 16, and is disappointed no one else commented. I am not talking bad about him. He is proud of his creations and knows how I laugh at them. He is the type man that makes you want to cook for him.

Your turn.
Do you feed your hens free food? What food not bought do you feed your hens? Do you grown crops especially for your hens?  I count feeding stuff you grow as free food.


  1. LOL....I read this as Here's Dinner tonight and had to take a second look!

    My chickens get all kinds of food scraps and leftovers when I clean the refrige....that is until the piggies came along and now they get to share. I also give them whey when I make cheese.They love that stuff and the high protein keeps me in lots of eggs.

  2. Mamma Bear,
    I misread post titles all the time! It makes for weird moments.

    So, you do like I do and feed NO commercial chicken feed, ever? Mine get scraps every day. Thankfully, there are no piggies to get I first. I have never made cheese, but they would love whey, I am sure. My hens do love yogurt. They look so funny with yogurt face.

    1. I do feed them layer pellets but I have recently found a company near me who mixes their own grains. I am buying a 14% protein mix of oars, alfalfa and corn No medication or growth hormones They are getting this instead of scratch now. Egg production has increased. I also feed this to my does. Milk production has increased to 2 extra quarts a day. This company also makes a feed for my pigs with no medications or growth hormones. I am loving this. My meat later on will be absolutely organic.

  3. This all sounds really great and healthful for your animals. What is the name of the company and where is it, if you don't mind telling me. I hate to give my hens medications or hormones. It is amazing that better food leads to better production in terms of milk and eggs. The hens, cows, and pigs must be very happy animals. Thanks for the information.

    1. Linda...the name of the place is Harris Farm Supply. It is in Vernon, Florida. I love going there. They are like a store from old times and still sell nails by the pound. They have lots of antique pots and pans hanging on their walls.

  4. Mamma Bear,
    That sounds like a very interesting place. Thanks.


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