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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Size DOES matter!

All funnels are not equal
I have had the aluminum funnel on the left for over 35 years. It has served me well. Someone gave me an identical one, so that I have two of these now. As you can see, I have shut the drawer on it dozens too many times. Even bent, it works.

New acquisition
I have seen the larger funnel on the Internet. Yesterday, I saw one in a locally owned store. It had the exorbitant price of $7.98. I swallowed hard and bought two, the last two. This will be my one purchase outside of gas and food for mad

Not really. Before I had two small funnels, I was having to stop and wash a funnel when I accidentally poured jelly so it ran down the outside of the funnel as well as inside. Sometimes that mistake resulted in jelly on the counter fronts and the floor. So, having a wider tool that makes my job less arduous in terms of less work and time means a lot to me.

More pressing use
As I pour beans, rice, pecans, and oats into half-gallon canning jars, I find that the stream is often too wide for the smaller funnels, resulting in slower work or oats on the floor and counters. Of course, I give all that to the hens. But, I would rather not have to sweep the floor after and overflow.

Old aluminum--4 inches vs new stainless steel--5.5 inches. Plus, the flare of the larger bowl helps contain the rapid stream of things like beans and oats. Unfortunately, the wider and more flared bowl of the funnel helped me to overfill! But, I would rather learn that on dry items than sticky liquids.

By the way, the diameter of both the smaller ends, the mouth, is the same. So, the larger funnel fits in all my canning jars just like the smaller funnel does. It may be difficult to determine this in the picture.

Age and experience
Of course, my experience with canning and homemaking makes things easier for me. But, as I age and injured hands are harder to compensate for, it helps to have the handiest tool I can find.

Your turn
Have you acquired a new tool that makes your canning or other work easier?


  1. Good morning. I found you whilst blog-hopping. I guess it's horses for courses - the bigger funnels sound great for pouring the loose grain and beans, and if you have smaller jars when you're canning, you have a smaller funnel for that. (Though I 'spose you have standard sized jars unlike us in the UK who recycle jam/peanut butter/chutney/sauce jars for jams and chutneys).

  2. I don't know how I lived without a magnetic lid lifter! OverLl, I have not bought anything new this year but am looking for a cheesemaking thermometer that will clip to the side of a pot. They are easy to find online, but I would like to not pay for shipping and find one locally. Kitchen shops around here are not geared towards homesteaders so have very few serious supplies.

  3. Bovey Belle--This large funnel fits all canning jars and many other jars. Both funnels have the same size mouth. Standard canning jars are needed for proper canning of anything here. But, there are many who reuse jars. Now, I will store beans or oats in any old jar because I am not sealing them, just storing. However, the quart or two quart jars store more efficiently, taking up less room on the shelf. So glad to have you. Blog hop on back often.

    Linda--Can you believe I just got a magnetic lid lifter two years ago??? I, also, don't know how I ever lived without it. No more boiled fingers or dropped lids. I have been eyeing a candy thermometer that clips on the inside of the pot the same way. I wonder candy thermometers are the same as cheese thermometers? I don't know where you live, but candy thermometers are in about a dozen stores in this small town. Maybe we make lots of candy, not exactly a homesteading activity or maybe it is. Chocolate candy is my idea of survival during a rough patch.Thanks for the comment. I learn from them.

  4. I have the same aluminum funnel as you. And your post makes me think that I really should be keeping a sharper eye out for a larger one in thrift shops and yard sales. thanks!

  5. Dmarie, believe me, I have searched. The pickings are not so good in this town even though I do hit the jackpot. This was my choice of how to spend mad money. Aren't I exciting? LOL


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