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Monday, March 14, 2011

Head first into chicken poop

Face plant
Yes, and I got a mouthful. Not nice. Not funny. It is not a pretty picture today, but this is my world today.

Chicken chores
As usual, I put the cage with three chickens from inside the house onto the porch, went to get their breakfast and water, and fed them in their pen. As usual, I locked them in the pen for a bit. Thelma was already on the nest before I got there with their food.

An hour or so later as usual I went out to let the girls out in the yard and collect any eggs. I put the one egg in my pocket and decided I had left a container from the day before. As I leaned over to retrieve it from behind their chair, a broken plastic one, I leaned on the chair. Bad mistake. The chair arm broke as I barely leaned on it. The momentum of bending over kept me going. The other hand was outstretched with the container in it.

Bad, bad form
I fell on my face in about 10" of leaves that had been thoroughly pecked and scratched by the hens. As I fell forward, my mouth was open in surprise and letting out a little "ooof." Yes, my mouth was open when I hit the ground face-first. Immediately, I spat out leaves. When I got up, I shook out my hair, spitting leaves all the time.

I cannot believe I ate this stuff
My hands were filthy, so I hated to put fingers in my mouth to rake more bits out. I shook my hair one last time before coming in. By this time, I was crunching stuff in my teeth. Nasty! I washed my hands and brushed my teeth. As I looked at my teeth, I could see blackness in my teeth.

My clothes were filthy. At least I had not yet bathed, brushed my teeth, or combed my hair for the At least I am grateful as I crawled around, trying to get up that my clothing was already in need of a wash.

Pth..pth...thirty minutes later, I still have bits of poopy leaves in my mouth. Under the top layer of leaves, it is dirt and mulch sized pieces! Eeeek! I actually quit worrying about radiation!

Your turn
Anyone had a mouth of freshly-turned-by-chickens-leaves/mulch/dirt in your mouth today or ever?


  1. I feel bad for you, but the image you portray is just too funny!

  2. um, no! but I can almost taste it from what you've written here!

  3. Dmarie, actually, so can three teeth brushings. The experience will be funnier tomorrow. Just now, I had to slowly chase Thelma and Louise around the pen to get them out of the pouring rain and into the house. Louise, let me catch her. But, I had to entice Thelm in with cantaloupe. I dropped a homemade unwrapped bar of homemade soap right where they hunt, peck, scratch, and poop beside the porch.I am soaked and exhausted. Whew!

  4. Fortunately NO! I'm sorry you had to go through with all of that.


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