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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Making a fruit picker and checking on my future fruit

pear blossoms
Just checking on my fruit
The blossoms are from the tree where I picked 250 pounds of free pears. I am sure the low-hanging fruit here will not be around for me to pick since people inevitably pick the easiest fruit first. So do I. The fruit is ready to pick when I see the first pear on the ground. I use a fruit picker that cost me $12.95+tax.

At this instructable site you can see the orange head, just like the one on my picker. My long extension pole comes apart. 

Mango picker
This is another design that will work for other fruits, I am sure. However, the fingers that go around the stem of the pear and grip the pear so I can pull are very important.

Screw-on fruit picker
Here is another picture of the kind of fruit picker I have.

My problems
The pole comes in two pieces. The head is attached to one piece of the pole with a hose-clamp type clamp. It will come off, but I don't want to lose the screws, so it stays on. However, it won't fit in the trunk and must ride in the back seat.

Also, there is a small piece of hardware that connects the two pole pieces. I lost the screw the first day. Plus, I need a screwdriver or something to assemble and disassemble. I solve this problem by purchasing a wing nut and bolt or washer, whatever it is. It, too, will be easy to lose, so I bought two and keep the extra in the console. If all else failed, you lose the wing nut, and are ready to pick, a piece of wire would easily keep it in place.

My last problem is my problem. I picked so many pears at one time and hoisted them down several pears at one time. Then, I had a "frozen shoulder" for several days. Obviously, I am not active enough. It only took several weeks for the severe pain and stiffness to go away. The pears were worth the pain.

Extending the reach
With my fruit-picker, I can reach 17' from the ground, easily. I am 5'8." Of course, there were more pears on the top, but I won't get a longer pole just to get those. My shoulder could not stand it.

My choice
I had never even thought about making a picker because at the time I did not think I could safely make one. I highly encourage anyone to NOT follow my lead and buy one. In my case and maybe in your case, buying was the more prudent road to take.

Your turn
Do you have a fruit picker? Fruit to pick? What kind of fruit? I wish we could trade! Have you ever made a fruit picker?


  1. I never knew what a pear tree flowers looked like; however, we have 2 pear trees we planted last year. I cant wait to see those beautiful flowers.

    We have: 2 pear trees, 1 apricot tree and 1 dwaft plum. All trees were purchased in June last year at 75% off. I can tell the pear trees have gotten a foot taller since we planted them. I'm not sure when we will have fruit on each of the trees.

    That being said, we do NOT have a fruit picker. However, I'm sure hubby can make one for me if I wanted one. Right now, I am just waiting to get fruit, pick some, and see how it goes.

    Is this pear tree on your property?
    Oh, how I dream of 250 lbs of pears! :-) An apricots...and plums. I told hubby that I would like a couple of apple trees this year when they are on clearance.

  2. We have a fruit picker that came with our house along with an ancient and highly productive apple tree. Good thing we like apples! I never weigh my produce but we probably got at least 500 apples if not more.
    I'd love a pear tree! I know a few folks who have them. Maybe if I look sad enogh thy will share?

  3. Those flowers are so pretty. I've never seen pear flowers before. No pears here. I can't wait for the mango season, but it's still a long way off.

  4. SB, The only reason I know what a pear flower looks like is that this tree bears pears. I was thinking that they might possibly be used anytime a person wanted apple blossoms. The tree is on public property, so I have to pick pears furiously. Still, I could never get them all, even picking 250 lbs. I only wish I had fruit trees here.

    Linda, Congratulations on having both tree and picker. Sad would work. However, those people may be wishing for apples. TRADE? The only reason I weighed them was curiosity.

    GFU, I will trade you pears for your mangos. The South is hot and humid as a rainforest, but no tropical fruit grows in this part of the South.

    You all know I love, love, LOVE comments.Thanks.

  5. Frugal Down Under, I suppose that FDU works best for a Sorry.


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