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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Gotcha! Now, you die!

about 30+ pounds
 Okay, animal control officer just came and transferred Mr. Coon to his truck and said about 25 lbs, if he had to guess.

The rock foundation is NOT that green!

It is hard to see the real size of this raccoon. Now, I have one less raccoon tormenting me and trying to kill the hens.

fur evidence of the exit

This is where they broke the screen going under my house.

Is Thelma broody or actually laying an egg?

As I went inside after taking the pictures, I found this blissful sight. Thelma is inside the Rubbermaid box, either laying an egg or just being broody. Update: Thelma laid an egg. Someone did.

Just in case you are feeling sad for the raccoon and think I am hard-hearted, it is against the law in the State of Alabama to relocate a raccoon. It is also the law that a captured raccoon must be put to death. "Euthanize" makes you feel better? Okay, whatever.

Your turn
Are your hens being picked off one by one by a predator? Is any of your livestock being murdered? Have you seen or captured a predator at your little urban or rural homestead? See why I need a predator-proof chicken pen/cage?

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