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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Baby gift, cute and inexpensive wrap

sweet bracelet
  I have a baby gift long overdue. The mother is a favorite cashier at the grocery store. Since the mother was off for over 3 months, I have an excuse for that period of time. But, mother has been back at work for six weeks! I forgot to take a picture of the gift I had my friend make--baby bead bracelet with pearls and pink pearl beads all the way around and the baby's name in baby beads--KARLI.  So, here it is on a fern at her job.

In the closet are several small boxes. My gift wrap paper box holds ribbon and paper. The box of curling ribbon was purchased for a quarter at a yard sale about five years ago with only one little egg even partly used.

See the holes on the front edge of the box? You just pull the ribbon through there. No messy ribbon getting tangled up. When I empty the box, I will take it apart and put more  eggs of curling ribbon inside. I like the system.

eggs of curling ribbon in a dispenser box
Yes, I could wrap in newspapers or comics, but that is too messy to handle. Someone, maybe Martha Stewart, had a gift wrap program where she used clear cellophane over newspaper. hmmmm...not good for environment or my wallet. Craft paper would be more expensive than my yardsale finds of paper. 

The paper used on the gift is the last scrap of a birthday gift wrap bought about ten years ago. However, the tea party birthday table is not baby will never know.

Gifts can be wrapped in bandanas, like the Japanese do with the eco-friendly wrapping cloth,  furoshiki, or with any other cloth. 

Can you snag that wrapping paper being ripped off gifts before someone wads it and tosses it? Maybe you can reuse gift bags. The ultimate is making cloth bags to reuse or include as part of the gift. The reusable gift bags can be used for shopping by the recipient. Or, the person can reuse the bag for your gift next year.  

Your turn
What are your inexpensive gift wrap ideas?

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