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Sunday, March 20, 2011

I Stole Easter Candy and the rest of my week

What I took

No, I don't need lots of candy. I just cannot help it, but I must have a bit of candy for Easter. After all, it's not like I have sworn off candy. I am choosy, though. Since I don't want much candy, I cannot buy a bag of each type candy just to please my know how cute seasonal candy wrapping is. Right?

A Reese's Peanut Butter Cup in the shape of a bunny won't work for me. Likewise, Hershey's Kisses in pastels won't go home with me. That icky, white cream stuff inside the chocolate eggs is nasty any season. Truffle anything works, no matter the shape. So, I knew what I would get in the large store--malted milk eggs with hard shell and speckles aka Robin Eggs. I grabbed a bag after fondling several other kinds of candy. I knew that was what I would buy, but I had to get as close to the fire as possible to see if I could not be burned--handle all the bags ans see how self-righteous I am and can resist candy-evil.

Several other items were in the electric cart for me to purchase. I did so and left. As I reached the car, I lifted the large bag with a garment I brought in to match with a tee, I saw them--purloined malted milk balls, speckled Easter eggs. I turned the cart on and hurried back to the store.

What I wanted

Customer service workers said most people would have kept the bag of candy. That's not me. If I stole something, I figure I would get caught. There would be pictures of me posted all over town.

Back in the car and on the way out of the lot, I ripped open my now-paid-for-prize and shoved three in my mouth. Ick, Spit, Oh, Eww, aching salivary glands! I had bought jelly beans not Robin eggs. Ewwww! And, they were speckled just like the candy I wanted. Of course, they were pure sugar, not preferred by my taste buds.

Of course, now I must return to the store immediately and get the right thing to erase the sugar taste. Ahhh, chocolate--speckled mini Robin eggs by Whoppers. They are in  a jar behind a closed door right now. So far, I have been good about not gobbling them right down.

Helping my daughter 
I reduced her final AT&T bill down to $0.01 (yes, one penny). They had charged her, wrongly, $120 for leaving them early + all the taxes=$148.49. They did not tell her when she cancelled her service for two phones and claimed now that she left two days before her contract was up. I am nice, shocked, and outraged, not angry. After the adjustment and after hearing her new balance, "Excuse me, but how do you prefer that penny be sent--cash, check, money order, bank draft, cashier's check." He started laughing and took the penny off her bill. She is free of ATT. But, I still love ATT. Smooch...

I know an ampersand goes between the Ts, but other stuff (ampersand;) is included, so I decided that no ampersand looks best.

Just because I am disabled, I no longer have to pay $15 that covers weekly services--trash pickup, street sweeping, limb removal, leaf removal, and road stuff in our city. ~Sweet~

I do not put out a weekly pickup because I don't make much trash. I keep my leaves for the chickens. I was not using full services anyway.

Excalibur dehydrator arrived. No, I have not tried it.

Monetary progress
I found a dime.

Cooking once for the week
I didn't.

I am woman. Hear me roar!
I caught another a live trap...with one strawberry.

Garden progress
I have been contemplating germinating seeds.

Repair bill
Bill for repairing, cleaning, and installing new stuff concerning brakes--$300.80.

Your turn
Did you steal anything last week? Caught a raccoon or any wild animal? Get your brakes fixed and feel safer? Found a mistake this week on a your favor?


  1. Oh, how I wish my life was as exciting as yours! I have not stolen anything this week, but if I did, I'd do what you did. Nothing fun ever happens around here anymore!

  2. Linda, my reader

    Maybe you will find a dime and have an exciting

  3. That made no sense. The comment was to Linda, my reader and follower. Since I am Linda, too, it always looks like I am talking to myself. Well, not yet, I am not. My last week was a week of not doing things, so I realize Linda, my follower, was teasing

  4. Sorry. ROTFL here! It must look pretty silly to others! But no,my life really is pretty boring these days. The most exciting thing that happened was that my pyrex dish blew up in the oven, just hours after I cleaned said oven. I'd rather be having your adventures any day:)

  5. To Linda, my follower: Okay, no one can mistake that salutation. I would much rather have the raccoon, candy problem, and fiasco at ATT to straighten out than to have the Pyrex burst. That is pretty dramatic and potentially dangerous. I bought two new dishes at WM, pie pans. If they are Pyrex, back they go.

    I followed the link that you or someone else gave, and some of these Pyrex pieces were cool and sitting on the counter. So, I want nothing to do with them unless they are made out of the country.

    Lack of excitement can be a very good thing.

    Blogger Linda, signing off

  6. hey, we have the same taste...I would've gagged on the jelly bean but eaten it anyway, so as not to waste it! I am only addicted to seasonal candies & bought my robin eggs as soon as they appeared, but they were Brach's not Whoppers, so I didn't like them as well. Sure hope this post doesn't germinate another craving & send me back for the Whopper Robin Eggs! I found $1.25 in a coke machine when visiting someone in the hospital recently. My biggest coin find EVER! Oh, and it is far more fun to think you're talking to yourself, blogger Linda!

  7. Yes, Dmarie, I did eat what was in my mouth, gagging, and coughing because it was just so sweet. Then, I recovered, steeled myself, and ate more. I might just donate these to a dinner that a church has every week, unless I eat them one at a time before then. I wanted Brach's but "settled" for Whoppers, knowing they would be delicious.

    Wow, $1.25!

    Yes, I suppose you all get a kick out of Linda talking to herself...LOL. Oh, I live for comments but won't fake them...yet.

  8. Okay, added a letter to my name so now people won't think that you are loosing your noggin:) and it will be easier to respond to me.
    Yes, return your pie plates if they are Pyrex! The company doesn't charge any less for shoddy materials and I will not support them again. Here I was eyeing a few of their other things. Not anymore.

  9. My granny stole something once, when I was a kid. Can't remember what. Similar situation to yours, she found it at the car. Except when she took it back in to pay for it, they called the police on her! Luckily the police officer understood the situation.

    One of my babies stole a pair of mittens. He was in his car seat in the stroller and snagged them off a rack somewhere. I didn't notice until we got home. Never returned them either, not even sure what store he grabbed them in. Oops!

  10. Wendy,
    That's what I was afraid would happen to me!

    My grandson (9 months) was in his stroller and my daughter and sil were talking and shopping. When she got to the car after going to quite a few shops, her son had a coffeemaker or coffeegrinder. They looked all over it for a store name and found nothing. It was not a toy and not something they needed. They agonized over what to do. Finally, she concluded that no one did anything on purpose. And, she was not going back in and get arrested. I think they were shopping late in the day and shops were closing. So, she would have had to return, and it was Christmas time.

  11. LindaM, Thanks
    Now, I don't look needy.

    I checked. They were Anchor Hocking. But, I had bought two Pyrex at a thrift store. I will look when I get them out of the dishwasher to see where they were manufactured. I don't need trouble.

    The Anchor Hocking are monstrously heavy, almost too heavy for my hands. The Pyrex is very light...I take this as not a good sign.And, my measuring cup that I was using in the Microwave is Pyrex!

    Maybe I will call the company tomorrow and ask if I can trade my American-made Pyrex for foreign-made Pyrex.

  12. bought some whopper robin eggs today. yes, I am that impressionable!

  13. I understand. I bought tea after hearing people talk about it. The worst part is, I don't even like hot tea or any sugar or flavoring. Finally, I gave it away. At least you will eat the Whopper robin eggs.

  14. I did eat them...but Hubby ate some, so I'm having a hard time convincing myself that I don't need another bag. y'know, to be sure I get my whole Easter-candy fix. ;)

  15. I am holding off on the Easter candy fix. I don't know why, since I am eating other sweets.??? I will wait until after easter to get my Peeps. They will be a quarter instead of $1. Pure sugar can wait. However, I am thinking that maybe just one more bag of something will be in, if I could just figure out what I want. I don't have anyone to help me eat anything. Sure, you and I must have the whole fix!


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