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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Is this mean of me?

incredibly blue sky today
I am not actually criticizing, am I? Okay, I suppose help is help, but....
One day when I was having a particularly bad day with my knee and exbf was here, I asked him to hang five hand towels on the line. It seemed he was gone way too long. Maybe he was talking to hens or picking up a limb while outdoors. I did not ask or even worry about why he took so long.

Later, after he left I went out to take down the towels. I was greeted with the strangest style of clothes hanging I had ever seen. Each small bar towel was suspended by two clothes pins. Notice how the pin straddles the line and only the tip of the pin holds the corner of the towel. A strong wind would have taken them all off the line. Even a heavier item would eventually fall. Obviously, this was a new experience to him.

I usually lap clothes over the line and put two corners of different articles of wash in the same pin. 

The only circumstance in which I would correct his form would be if he were a regular at my clothes line or if he were hanging heavy towels. He has never been married at 57 and doesn't understand personal dynamics of two people. So, he would not take any suggestions well. Ask me how I know? 

So, I thought this was bizarre and hilarious. Five lone towels hanging so precariously amused me.

Hmmmm, having a rethink here. This is actually a big deal. This is not just how we do things differently and achieve the same goal. Any clothing on the ground would require a rewash because chickens wander here everyday.  Big deal or not, I will still never mention it.

Your turn
Please, please pleeease, tell me this is not mean of I just had to share even though I did have to recreate the scene. Have you found any equally inadequate or bizarre means of accomplishing a chore and had to remain silent?


  1. LOVE it that he had never hung, nor evidently even seen laundry hung before! what fun that you were the first to get him to do it! will have to think about your question...'cause I hope I can bring back some similar chuckle-worthy memory!

  2. I know! It was so funny, also, because he was being very precise. Each space between towels was about three inches, all the same between each.

    Laundry usually gets slapped on by being lapped a bit over the line and the pin shoved on. However, I can slap clothes on the line and still have everything look precise. Actually, one day he stood at the line and handed me things to hang. He just did. Another time, he sat and watched...his break time from yard work. I guess it all went over his head.

    He launders everything together, too. His black socks have lint. His white tshirts are some muted color of dirt. But, but, but ...that is how I have always done it!

    Okay, think of something.

  3. I know when I try to do a job that is usually something my guys do I feel a bit out of my element. And all thumbs sometimes too. I imagine he felt the same. :) I also have noticed if I criticize or try to instruct them on 'my' way or the 'right' way ....even gently, the results I get from it are not the ones I would want. :) Later they are less apt to want to 'help' again. :) :) I guess this is the same feelings we get when they act the same to us! :) Sarah

  4. Ah, Sarah, you are so right about feeling out of my element sometimes. However, you and I can laugh at ourselves. No, I did not want balking if I needed him to hang something out next time. In four years that is the first time I have asked him to do so. It was just so amazing is the reason I mentioned it. Hanging those blue towels out and photographing them with the blue sky was a happy consequence of the re-enactment.


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