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Friday, March 11, 2011

Kitty and Blossoms and Men Who Mow

The life of a hunter is hard. Someone's beautiful, fluffy, yellow cat spent the night in the raccoon trap. Well, it is a live trap, so it is okay, but I only want raccoons. I have never seen an animal move as fast as this cat when it shot out of the trap.

Several years ago, a friend shared Vinca with me. The soil was not ammended or dug up. I just stuck the shared Vinca with roots into shallow hollows and hoped for the best. Oh, I watered it until it was apparent it was going to live without me.  Vinca is also called creeping myrtle and the flowers are periwinkles.

Men Who Mow
It is difficult to make some people understand. I forgot who I had mow. I pointed to the vinca and said, "I like that. I want that. Don't mow it." He nodded in assent, and muttered that he would not mow it down.

As I walked away, he started my mower and mowed the vinca down first. I sighed and went into the house. For seven years Men Who Mow mowed it down regularly, whether it was the first or tenth time to mow my yard.

Last year, Men Who Mow did not return to rake the lawn, just promised all winter. Leaves don't leave on their own. I fretted all winter, Finally, I asked a friend to help me. He raked the part he had time for while he was here. Today, I found a great surprise.

 Vinca in the leaves
After I set Kitty free, I walked around the yard a bit and found tiny blossoms. Lovely. For three years they have not been mown. And, they spent the winter under shelter of leaves.

Mind you, I started with three tiny sprigs instead of going to the nursery and buying enough pots to give them a good start at filling in this area between the driveway and fence.

Vinca is supposed to be a vigorous grower. Until this year, I think my Vinca did not understand. At least, it is deer-resistant if I have an invasion of deer

The forsythia or yellow bells are in full bloom. In the country people often have these along property lines and along fences. I planted one about 30 years ago. It is overgrown this year because I did not prune it. After a good soaking rain in the spring I have broken the canes and stuck about a dozen in the ground in an area about six inches in diameter, hoping some would sprout. Most do. So, I paid for one plant and have gotten many.

Lactose producer
The flowers are unusual because they produce lactose. I wonder if these are edible or useful to man.

Redbud tree

Redbud tree
Taken on a different day with fabulous blue skies is one of my redbud trees. These trees are along edges of woods, looking like lace trim on the edges of a table cloth.

That's what's happening in my yard today.

Your turn
Is your yard beginning to look more like spring?


  1. With the very warm temps we had last week, it felt more like summer! Alas, now it is back to feeling like winter again. We do have a bit of green outside, though. The weeping willow is very green, and some of the other trees are greening up as well. The decorative Bradford pear trees are already full of blooms, all the lilies have sent up their foilage, and the thrift is full of beautiful purpleness.

  2. Only when I try to start thrift does anyone edge the yard! It is lovely all around town.


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