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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Chickens are useful pets

Spa Time
Fancy, Thelma, and Louise are taking a well-deserved dust bath after their day as a useful pet. Louise is the redhead on the left. Thelma is the blonde in the middle. Fancy is the two-tone with streaks on the right.

Yes, chickens are useful pets as this author from Mobile, Alabama points out. Are you convinced yet?

Your turn
After reading the article in the link, are you convinced? Or, if you have chickens, do you agree?


  1. Hubby & I just got back from our first motorcycle ride of the year (first for me anyway), and we saw more free range chickens than ever before. I think you're getting the word out!

  2. Sure, I'm convinced. Just can't have any. Double whammy of city ordnance and bloody neighborhood covenants.

  3. Some day those restrictions will be lifted everywhere, I believe.


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