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Friday, March 25, 2011

Chicken sitter for hire

There is a new service available in LA. Check out this article from the Los Angeles Times.

The few days for one short stretch that I have needed help, I just needed someone to come feed and water the hens once a day. I had two friends who took turns. They did me a favor. In return, they received a dozen fresh about once a month.

When I lost one hen to the raccoon, the hens did not have as much light this past winter since they had to be kept in my house. Around November I quit giving away eggs since there were few. Their second winter laying may have been one of the reasons for fewer eggs. Anyway, I had none to repay favors.

Your turn
Do any of you chicken sit for pay? Or, pay for a chicken sitter? Have you ever heard of these services in your town or area?


  1. My oldest boy got his first duck from a friend at the friends birthday party. They duck sat for us while we went camping that summer. No charge, lol.

    There are traveling farm hands who will come and house sit and do chores for farmers while on vacation, but they tend to be pretty pricey.

    With the backyard chicken becoming more common place, it makes sense that someone would fill that need. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Maybe I have found a new career! Duck sitting--cute.

  3. When we had Squiggy, our pot bellied pig, we hired someone in the area to come and feed him twice a day. We also had a neighbor who would come feed and play with him twice a day. We paid...good money ($20+/day), when we went away.

    With the chickens, we will only need someone to come once a day to put them in their pen at night. Oh wait, and then someone to come and open it up in the morning. DOH! We will probably just have a neighbor do it. And probably for $5 and/or eggs.

  4. I asked for a favor and did not offer to pay. However, I did ask them both to take whatever eggs were there. I asked them to throw them in the trash if they did not want fresh eggs. Then, immediately I started giving them fresh eggs. Since I only asked the favor once, I did not pay cash, just fresh eggs for eight months.


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