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Monday, March 7, 2011

Plastic Milk Carton Mini Greenhouses

I sat down here to take this picture because the hens would be in the frame. No, they are shy today. This was the third time I tried to get them into the post. They don't move farther away, just to one side or the other. I tried.

One of the blogs I follow has a great idea. For my purposes, I think I will put in some little cells to germinate plants. Maybe I will follow her video. I might put seeds into the pots where I intend my basil to grow, just using each jug for one largish pot and plant. Since I have only managed to save about six jugs from milk and vinegar since I saw this, I may change my mind about the one-plant-per-jug idea I had.

Green and Groovy has a  video posted for making greenhouses from milk jugs. Okay, check it out and come right back. There is another video where a guy uses huge and expensive tools for the horizontal cut and the and the drain holes. I used a single edged razor and a steak knife. I could have used either, but I switched to see which was easier. Both work fine. If I can cut with my hands hurting and think it is easy, it will be easy for any of you.

First step
So far, cutting one jug is the extent of my preparations.  There is one short video showing a guy using monster, expensive clips and a hot tool...forgot what it was. I used a single-edged razor blade but could have used a simple utility knife. Maybe I used and old steak knife for the horizontal cut and the holes in the bottom. I intend to cover the whole bottom of the pot with cloth so no dirt will fall out. But, that's just me.

Another idea
This may be an old idea. I saw it 20+ years ago. My neighbor who was 94 cut bottoms from milk jugs to use over her tender plants when a frost was imminent. Just take the bottomless jug and press and twist it to get it just a bit into the ground. It worked. Now, if I had just saved more than a half dozen milk and vinegar jugs!

Your turn
Has anyone used this method? Do you have seeds germinating now, using any method?


  1. I have not used this method, but I am now considering it! I may use your neighbor's method and plant a little early this season! Last year, I was a little late. Thank you for all the great info (and ideas.) If you were closer, I'd bring over the jugs for you. Hubby goes through a gallon a week!

  2. Thanks! I could use more jugs. I am in the process of asking others for their jugs. She prided herself on having peas before any of the men who had gardens. She was very competitive to the end.

  3. I've heard about this method, but not used it. Last year I used three Wall-o-water to guard plants against cold and wind, and had middling success. This season, I'm going to make one of the beds into a mini-hoop house, and use gallon and quart jars of milk for solar heat retention. Maybe I'll have to set aside a gallon jug or two and try this.


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