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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Tangy Ginger Pork with Autumn Rice

Tangy Ginger Pork with Autumn Rice

I happened to be in Publix when the woman was making this dish. It is scrumptious! Last Friday, I planned to cook a pork tenderloin. I ended up making a salad. I'm glad I did. The pork loin is on the menu this Friday.

To see this recipe, go HERE.

pork tenderloin
butternut squash
fresh sage (have dried and ground)
tsp ginger spice paste (I have ginger)
minced garlic
2 shallots (onions instead)
lime for juice (have dried lime)

jasmine rice
chicken base (will use bouillon)
fig  preserves
dried sweetened cranberries

unsalted butter (will use unsalted ghee)
kosher salt (Morton's will do)

Except for the jasmine rice, I have everything or will substitute as noted. I made the fig preserves and dried the cranberries. The garlic is in vinegar in the refrigerator.

Actually, I may have jasmine rice I bought once to try.

This recipe has none of my allergens!

The instructions are in the link.

This is delicious! Publix lady gave me a generous portion of both.

Now, I suppose I need to grow sage and ginger.

Sounds yummy? You have no idea.


  1. This sounds over the top good!!! Hmmmmmm, me thinks Den needs to get cooking. LOL

    1. Sonya Ann,
      Lucky you. Just show your guy recipes and they appear!

    2. I am a brat. I always say that if we divorced, I would starve. ANd Den says that he would be homeless since he doesn't pay bills.

    3. Sonya Ann,
      So, I guess you have to stay Some couples never thing what would happen if they divorced. Let me know what he thinks about this recipe.

  2. Ok that sounds delicious! They never cook anything this good at my Publix!

    1. Anne,
      This is the best I have ever had here. I only hit the right time about once a week or less. Mostly, the portions are tiny. Not only were the portions generous, it was so delicious, unlike anything I ever had there. Of course, there is a recipe card that you can find since everything they cook is on a recipe card. I wonder if they cook the same thing at each store.


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