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Friday, October 7, 2016

In the Middle of the Night....Hulu Deal

It's 4 am and I am nowhere near sleep.

I have know all week that I was not getting over the uti. Some days, I could only lie here. Going out for food or even walking to feed Dominique was exhausting. Thursday, I had a regular appointment at my urologist. Yes, I do still have the uti. He prescribed medicine, but it will be Tuesday before the results of the culture are back.

Part of the problem is I have not eaten right since I only feel like eating what is there and easy. Now, I have to focus on more green vegetables! Carbs must go or at least be restricted. I know I am at fault here. ugh

Oktoberfest is under way. However, it is less accessible now. I could park and walk across the road. Now, they parking lot is full of festivities, so I must park at least another two blocks away. I cannot walk that. And, with this funk I cannot even pretend I would enjoy it.

My goal is to hit the huge yard sale that is my highlight of Oktoberfest every year. One year, for $1.25 I got enough sheers, expensive ones with an 8" or 10" hem. Five sets of sheers were taped together and priced. That was a thrill since I needed them for my bedroom.

Since this happens two blocks from my house, I can go early, very early--6 am. Then, I go home and take a nap and go back about 10 am, go home and lie down and return about 2 pm when everything is greatly reduced and then free.

The first year of the yard sale, I was taking a walk about 5 am. I saw lights at the Catholic Church and floodlights and people milling about. So, I went over and found the yard sale. Since I knew the woman in charge, she allowed me to shop and return to pay. They lent me a basket in which to carry items home. I walked back with a check.

You can find tires for your car, a bathroom sink, toys, baby furniture, some antiques, and this is all on the outside of the tent. Inside there are all the other small yard sale items. There is food cooked by the Catholics. On a higher playground area are games for kids plus all the swings and playground equipment.

Some people I only see at the yearly Oktoberfest yard sale. Some of these people I met at the very same yard sale. Maybe I won't go at 6 am. I will just wait until later.

There are things I want to buy. I just forgot what. My budget is limited, so purchases will be limited.

Hulu has a special price now--$5.99/month for the first year. I signed up for that. Now, the only purchase is a Roku plugin thing for $28, a one time charge/purchase. The newest and cheapest yet will not be for sale until Oct. 10. This is for new subscribers, so if you had the free Hulu, sign up under another person in the household.

I am down to two channels with the antenna. Last Saturday, there were two football game...just shoot me now! I can get the latest episodes the next day.

My melatonin is kicking and end, so I will wind this down. I am typing on my back and without my glasses, so there is no wonder what I have typed!

Your turn
Do you have an annual sale that you just would not miss? What kind of good buys have you found? Are you getting Hulu for $5.99?


  1. That sounds like a great sale. Do they sell food? My favorite sale is rummage/bake sales. Usually I can find zucchini bread cheap so I dont have to bake. I have gotten great deals on curtains too. They are outrageous in the store! Sometimes I will buy them at yard sales not knowing if they will work if I like the fabric.

  2. Carol,
    I did not mention the food because I never can afford it. I would rather spend money at the yard sale. There is lots of German food in the parking lot and a huge tent, chairs, and tables. German food--kielbasas or something on a bun, hamburgers, German potato salad and kraut. Then, there are restaurants nearby and vendors with food at the craft show in the park one block away.


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