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Thursday, October 13, 2016


Sunday was a low place for me. Below are the goals I wrote down.

1-Stay alive.
2-Sort and pack things to mail.
3-Go to PO on Tuesday since Monday is a holiday.
4-Go to doctor. Maybe just call for test results.
5-Get the rest of groceries from the car.
6Drink more water.
7-Plant vegetables.
8-Put up apples and carrots.
9-Dehydrate celery and carrots for someone else.
19-Return items. Find receipts first.

1-I am still alive
2-got 2 out of four packages done today
3-will go to PO on Friday. (Halloween things for four grandchildren.)
4-test results are not back!!!
5-took me until Wednesday to get groceries into house.
6-I have upped water intake.
7-Are you kidding me? I cannot plant anything yet without exhaustion setting in
8-I ate an apple. Does that count?
10-Returned 2 of 3 items.

Besides doing some of the list, I managed to sort some things and threw out two garbage bags of paper and junk. I needed to sort into three boxes. I got lots of things sorted into the three boxes--extra meds waiting on me to use or need, Christmas gifts I have bought, clothes for me.

There was a box in the house large enough for two bodies. Why did I get that? I managed to get it into the back yard and threw out quite a few boxes that got squashed or I won't use.

In all of this, I have about ten loads of clothes that need washing. It is not as bad as it sounds, since two of the loads are lights and darks of my clothes, load of sheets, and various permutations of laundry.  I have not felt well at all!

This is the first washing machine that did not have a giant tub. But, it works and fills with water.  Plus, this is the first washer I have ever had that did not do the lambada with the dryer. A dancing washing machine is horrid. One day, I tried to hold it down and almost broke a rib!

I suppose #1 and #6 are the only things I actually accomplished. Some items were dpne halfway and I'm good with that!

It's about 3:30 pm and I need to struggle out and hang up clothes on the line.

Your turn
Do you ever make lists and are completely thrilled that you made a list and actually completed some of the things on the list?


  1. I make lists. I have good intentions. And then I get distracted and forget about my well intentioned list.


  2. Vicki,
    I have done that, too. This time, I was mostly lying in the bed, just trying not to die. I was frantic to get the things found to mail because they were Halloween things. Otherwise, I might never had made that effort.


  3. I live on lists. If I don't write it down, it doesn't get done. I usually remember what to do around 3AM. I keep pen & paper by my bed so I can jot down my to-dos when I can.

    1. Cindi,
      I do live off lists. If I remember it at 3 am, I sometimes write it down. No guarantee at that time of the morning. Thanks.

  4. I love making lists! yes, I make'em all the time.


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