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Monday, October 10, 2016

New Outfit--$6.74

Since Kmart is closing and reducing clothing as part of the stock clearance, I dropped by. They are bringing all stock from the back. Since I have never seen some of this stock, maybe it came from other stores.

I am always on the lookout for inexpensive sweaters. I really prefer the ones from Winter Silks but not for everyday or more casual events like the church lunches. When I spotted a rack of cardigan sweaters, I was on it like white on rice. With the markdown, the price was iffy--still too much. There was a pinkish-purplish sweater that I liked. When I checked out, the cost was just over $4. I had a $3.80 credit I didn't remember.

Then, I decided to cruise the jewelry racks for costume jewelry. I found a necklace and earrings that would go with the cardigan that were with tax, a little over $2.

The receipts are long gone. But, I do remember the total was $6.74. Oh, wait. There was a candy bar in there.

The earrings may be clip-ons. If not, I have the clips to convert them. Actually, I will use my supplies and make entirely different earrings using another pair of earrings that I will like better than the ones I bought. The pair I bought have dangly pieces that match the dangly pieces on the necklace.

You are wondering how I managed to think a cardigan, necklace, and earrings make an outfit. I will wear a black blouse and pant or skirt. I do have two pair of dressier pants and the knits I bought plus a full skirt and a straight skirt--all black. So, the color with the black makes a new outfit. Since I have quite a few black blouses and black pants, I can make different outfits without having to wear the same black pieces each time. 

Maybe I will go back the day they mark things down this next week and see what kind of bargains I can find dirt cheap to expand my choices of things to go with black.

Your turn
Do you use sales to expand your wardrobe, building on what you own?  What is your best expanding tip or item you have bought?


  1. That sounds like very smart shopping and dressing!

    I make all my outfits from combinations of random stuff, it's very rare that I would buy a whole outfit except maybe if I was going to a wedding or something

    1. kylie,
      Thanks. When I was working and applying for the department head at a college, I bought a suit jacket with matching skirt. That is close as I get to buying a whole outfit. When I went to a wedding last, I bought a dress that had no sleeves and called for a scarf around my shoulders.

      Random stuff bought on sale is cheaper. I tried to leave a comment on your blog and could not. I have been having trouble commenting.

    2. I'm sorry about that, I haven't changed anything and it seems ok from my end but I know blogger has had issues lately

    3. kylie,
      One day, my computer updated and then I could not use the url option on some blogs and on others, I could not post using anything! Not your problem at all, not sure who/what is at fault...blogger?

  2. Because I'm on a very limited budget I wait for a local thrift store to have their $5 a bag sale. So, last week I bought 5 tops of various colors and styles, 3 pair black pants of different styles, a 2 pc (top&pants) navy set. All these pieces will combine to make about 20 outfits. Adding different accessories, all bought at thrift stores or yard sales, like purses, jewelry, scarves, overblouses the combinations are limitless. I have 4 pr of shoes, bought new at very reduced prices, to also change the look of my outfits.

    Other than the 2pc outfit I haven't bought a complete outfit in I don't know when.

    And I think the cost of any outfit I wear is about $5.

    Bellen, Tom's wife

    1. Bellen,
      Because I cannot stand long enough to shop in our huge thrift store, I don't get those wonderful bargains! I hate it. The thrift store here is actually a good one with nice clothes, not just cast off clothing. Most of my jewelry is bought on sale at regular stores. Still, I don't buy much. $5 an outfit is a very good price! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love coming up with a new outfit at a great price!!! Great find and good shopping.
    Our Kmarts went bye-bye a long time ago. They were pretty bad though. Always in a bad neighborhood and the inside was a mess and filthy.

    1. Sonya Ann,
      Thanks. This Kmart is always immaculate. And, actually, there are no bad areas in this town where there are stores, not one. I cannot even think of a nasty store in this town. Seriously, it is a clean town with clean streets, stores, sidewalks. Walmart employees are fanatic about keeping it immaculate.

  4. Good job, Linda. I am certain you look lovely!!!

  5. Hi Linda...good bargain shopping. Black is so vertatile. I like to wear colorful scarves with it. Also tops and bottoms always match, where navy has a million variations. I do turn black clothes inside out when I wash them. (Or warsh as we say in Ohio)

  6. carol,
    Thanks. I can only wear the black in cool weather. Otherwise, I die from the heat inside the black items. I will wear black pants with my red twin sweater set. I turn everything wrong side out before washing. "Warsh" aaaagh! Some people down here say that, too. After they "warsh" it, they "reench" it. lol Thanks for that.

  7. I won't buy anything now unless it is well researched it will fit in my wardrobe and it is needed.


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