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Tuesday, October 4, 2016


You have seen this picture before. It is my very long (6')  fruit picker with three pears in it. The reason I count this as a success is because I finally posted a picture after so many months, albeit a picture that is probably four years old.

 I didn't even mean to post this picture and was just fiddling around with Paint when this happened. There is hope for me yet.

Paint is a free program for editing photos. Now, I don't need a new camera with an editing program like I had with my Kodak. Win Win. 

I need to look for a tutorial. Otherwise, I will just be posting random pictures.  I had a picture of a priest or brother or something, wearing his robe with an apron over it with--Eat Monks Bread. Yes, he had loaves of bread with him.

Your turn
Do you use Paint? Post random photos out of ignorance?


  1. Replies
    1. Sonya Ann,
      I had so much fun with that I cannot stand

  2. Hi Linda! To answer your question.... I still have Picasa downloaded on my hard drive and use that for most of photo editing. There's also PicMonkey a great free online program. And just a few months ago I splurged and bought Photoshop Elements 14, a standalone easy-to-use photo editing program that runs a little less than $100. I use Paint a little, but not much. I appreciate your comment how elastic-waist skirts have worked well for you and looking at your blog... I think you may be near the area I'm originally from. Have a good day! :)

    1. Lisa,
      Thanks. I think I used Picasa some, but don't they claim your pictures are theirs to use? I probably need to purchase something. Thanks for that program idea.

      Where are you originally from. You can just email me if you had rather.


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