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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Making Soap Vlog

No, I am not making soap.  I am still flat of my back. But, since I want to save these instructions from Justin Rhodes' wife, I am putting these Instructions in this post. Soap making always seems so scary and intimidating. However, this video doesn't make me Some day, I will make soap. Making soap won't be because I think soap will never be available again or because I want to be a purist.

However, I once made a trade for postage on a bread maker I sent to someone. She paid the postage and sent me soap for my trouble. Sending me soap was totally unnecessary, but she sent it anyway.

The homemade soap was the first I ever used. My only specification to her was "no scents." I do use scented soaps, but only pink Dove. The homemade soap was wonderful, soft and creamy, leaving no residue on my skin and lasting a long time. Surely, I can make something as wonderful.

As for the thermometer, I am sold. I love it and can think of other applications. Many times I don't make different food items because I don't have a candy thermometer!

Also, I don't have a stick blender because I think it might splash stuff around and get it on the top of the blender, especially where the pieces of the blender join.

Your turn
Do you or have you ever made soap? Do you do anything different from the soap maker on this vlog? Have you ever used this type of thermometer? Are stick blenders as easy to use and mess-free as she makes it seem?


  1. I have no interest in making soap but I use a stick/immersion blender a lot. In fact, I just pureed some steamed broccoli for cream of broccoli soup. It works well- you just have to be careful because it can splash if you lift it up too fast!! I hope you are feeling better.

    1. Nan,
      So, the stick blender is like a regular blender in that you must raise the blender only after it quits turning? Thanks.

  2. I have made soap before, just to see if I could do it. I can so I don't have to make it again.

    I have a stick blender and like it when I remember to use it. It can be messy if you lift it while the motor is still running, but if you leave it against the bottom of the pan and make sure it is stopped completely before lifting it from the surface, all is well.

    1. Anne,
      Like you, I will probably make it once. Then, I am done. You never can tell, though. If I made as much as she did, it would last me a year, at least.

      It sounds like the stick blender is just like a regular blender in one respect--don't lift it until the blades stop!

  3. I have never made soap. I don't buy much either as the travels to hotels provides me with enough of them. I am one of those weirdo types that wraps the barely used cake in some tissue and brings it home to use up entirely.

    1. Urspo,
      On the last day, I bring all the soap and shampoo home with me. The trouble is that some soaps irritate me, so I save those for open for a guest. The funny thing is that I carry a bar of Dove with me the few times I travel or am in a hotel/motel. These are for hands only washing or I give them away or use for company. I have to be so careful about what makes me sneeze or itch.

    2. aye that makes good sense.


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