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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Life Is Good When Produce Is Free!

No means test. No sign-in. Close by. No waiting in line.

5 apples
1 tomato
1 spaghetti squash
1 acorn squash
5 large potatoes (well, not new potatoes)
mess of greens

6 almost dead bananas from the fruit market when I stopped by and not part of the giveaway

I had one of the bananas, salvaging about nine-tenths of it. Dominique will enjoy the one-tenth.  I will eat another tomorrow and probably freeze the rest for smoothies because they won't last until the day after tomorrow. Everything else will last for a bit with no deterioration.

Enough fruit and vegetables for a week for one person?


  1. YOu did great!!! It's cute that you said, mess of greens. We don't say that up here. I wonder if I said, mess of alcoholif people up here would get it.

  2. Sonya Ann,
    I think they would think you were an alcoholic mess. lololol

    You made me laugh so hard and then I made me laugh.

    "Mess of greens" is how it is said from high to low culture and educated or not. A person would be corrected if he or she said "bunch of greens."


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