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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Fall Finally?

The last two days have been record setting days here in N AL. The temperature on Tuesday was 89 and the temperature on Wednesday was 87. Today will be mid-80s and 68 on Friday. I think I got that all right.

When I heard that, my question was--where are my sweatshirts? I will wash a load of those old purple sweatshirts. Someone told me they are periwinkle blue. Not in my book. Purple! The time I found sweatshirts for $1, they were all the same color. Since they were to keep me warm when in the house or out and about at mailbox or with the hens, at that price I didn't much care the color.

No one has ever seen one on me when I am out!

I know where my socks and shoes are, so the transition from sandals will be easy but traumatic. I hate socks and shoes. My ubiquitous gray pants will be put away the change to my ubiquitous black pants. Nightgowns will be worn less and pants and sweatshirts worn more in the evening and to bed. It's not quite time for the fuzzy pajama pants.

As I was sorting through things to toss, wear, or cut up, I found a new purple sweatshirt, never worn. Remember, I bought eight of the sweatshirts? The plan was to use two to cut up and make something for my granddaughter. But, when the first one pilled so horribly after the first washing, I gave up on that idea. Still, for $1, they are a bargain considering that they have gotten stained and been used for hair coloring.

There is a hen in the crockpot that has been cooking all night with an onion and garlic. When I take it out, I will throw potatoes, carrots, cabbage, onion, and garlic in for my vegetable for a few days. Oh, I did not get the zucchini and squash in the other day when I was so ill. Maybe those should go in right at the end of the cooking period.

A few years ago at the church that had the weekly dinner, the children made soup mixes--beans mixed by them along with a packet of seasoning.  While I don't like bean soup at all, exbf does. So, before I wash the crockpot, one of those will be cooked for him. He can take it home in a quart jar.

Well, those are my plans for the beginning of Fall and cooler weather. And, I think I will bake a pie one cool evening.

Your turn
Did you ever come upon such a bargain that you had to buy multiples, extreme multiples to everyone else? Has cool weather arrived at your place yet? What did you do or are you going to do to prepare? What is the first thing you cook at the first sign of cooler weather?


  1. I don't have the closet or drawer space to keep all my clothes out so I pack them away in plastic bins until it is the season to wear them. I spent yesterday lugging clothes up and down the stairs. I will transition from flip flops grudgingly and not until much later, but I guess shorts and capris are gone for a while now. I do think I might go for one last swim today .

    1. Anne,
      I keep my out of season clothing out of regular rotation, too. I won't be giving up sandals for many weeks. Even if I do throw on shoes, it will be without socks.

      One last swim sounds like a good idea.

  2. Oh gosh- still warm here and will be again after the weekend. I learned from my mother "If you don't really need something or want it, it's not a bargain no matter the price." I'm kind of a minimalist in many ways- I don't want a large pantry of foods or closet with lots of clothes. I used to buy books but now I just use the library. It seems to work for me.

    1. NAN,
      Lots of clothes and books might be extraneous. Food in abundance is just prudent, in my opinion. Many times, when I want to read a book, I ask the library to purchase it and I get first dibs on checking it out. Some books I just want to own. I gave away 800 books and now have only 1000.

  3. My sister buys multiples of comfortable shoes when she comes across them. She has big feet and has trouble finding shoes. I buy tops and pants in multiples due to my weight. When I find something nice in a dark color and if the price is right I buy at least two since they tend to fade easily.

    1. T'Pol,
      I have bought multiple of shoes. My last pair of 6 or 8 pairs of sandals is tearing up! So sad. My feet are not big. I just don't like the feel of many shoes or sandals.

      When I buy new pants and in multiples, I mark the tag of the pants, reserving some for good only. I mark them I,II,III.

      I buy my year round blouses in the spring because I hate long sleeves or 3/4 sleeves. If I find a black blouse I like or really any, I mark one for good and the other can just be worn.

      Was black clothes in vinegar. I wash black pants by putting in a washer with a half cup of vinegar. I don't rinse. Unless you dig dishes, they don't need soap/detergent or two tubs of water. So, I might put four pair of pants and two black blouses in a vinegar rinse, no wash.

      Around the house, I am a fright because I wear stained, torn and mismatched clothes.


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