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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Abject Failure Today, But It's Okay

First, I went to the market, finding only one guy there, a guy from whom I had bought. He was helping a woman, so I was patient. Finally, after she talked and TALKED for fifteen minutes, I went over to lean on a column, saying I had to lean on something. She said, "OH, here, you go ahead." She had her bags and remained rooted to the spot and her mouth did not cease to move. I

"I have to sit in the car." She said for me to just go ahead and talk to him as she kept rambling on. "I will just talk to him, too."  "Blankety, Blank, No!" I said in my head as I struggled to get my feet and legs in the car. Still, she did not leave, just yelled for me to come on back.

When I do go back, I will not shop at his booth. He was the only person left today, or I would have gone to another booth. Besides, he was selling half-rotten tomatoes at an exorbitant price. There were huge flat boxes of better ones on the truck. THAT is what I wanted to talk about. He kept telling me to pick out the basket on the table that I wanted.

I will go to a different market on Monday.

Second, I drove for miles, maybe 30, looking for a salvage yard. A guy was going to put two new lights in my car. He called and found them but never got them like he said he would. His mother became ill and many trips to hospital and working two jobs made it impossible. He said I could pick up the lights.

Well, that was in August. Since I have not been able to even take care of myself, a trip to the near country did not seem like something I wanted to try.

Today was the right day, brilliantly sunny, light breeze and warm. Well, the first part of the directions I understood. When the salvage yard did not appear, I kept stopping for directions in the country. "Just take the next right, go through a big curve, turn next to the church, go around two more really big curves, turn right." As I opened my mouth, the guy said impatiently, "You will see it!" He turned and limped away.

He was the third person I asked. I was done. I decided after an hour and a half of bad roads to call it quits and try to find my way home, not going back the way I came because who actually knows where I turned to get where I was--lost. All of a sudden, places, trees, signs, houses started looking like ones I had passed.

Aha, I just kept making turns and finding familiar  things. I was soon home and exhausted. I drove on country roads, narrow, hilly and curvy, so I could not go over 40 mph, sometimes around 25 because of road conditions mentioned.  Finally, I was home and exhausted.

Since I have a county road map and now know the co rd the place is located, I will use it to find my way to the salvage yard.

Third, I thought I would get a pneumonia shot at WM, but the pharmacist I wanted was not there.

Since he will probably there tomorrow, I will get a shot when I get my Sunday paper.

Fourth, Dominique was not eating well. She would leave oats from the day before. She leaves meat. Today, I had some salad that was going south, so I put oats on top of that and she was gobbling salad when I left. Lately, I have not felt like bending to get grass for her. For weeks, even when I was ill, I would snatch a handful of grass for her. Now, that some of it is browning, I just have not taken that extra few step to get it for her. All is well now.

Fifth, my goal of hanging up the black clothes in the washing machine did not happen. It is after dark, but I can still do that.  I never hang black clothes outdoors, just in the house.

When I feel well, which I do  (I know I keep saying that), setbacks are not draining at all. I will have a can of tuna in salad and call it dinner.

Bummer! As I was talking just now to exbf, he said abruptly, "The Auburn game is on." I said 'bye' and hung up. The man has few passions and Auburn is one of them. And, Dr. Who. He is an Auburn graduate. He gets testy if I keep talking when a game is I only care who wins because my son is an Auburn fan.

To make things better, I did have butter pecan ice cream at the end of all this inconvenience.

Your turn
Do you hate country directions like the "second big curve" or the "stand of trees"?  Or, the person who cannot shut her mouth and go away so you have a turn at a vendor's table? Do you have a sports fan that you know will want you to be very quiet during a game? When you feel well are inconveniences less annoying when you feel well? Conversely, if you are not feeling well and things are thwarted, does it make you fell worse and testy?


  1. I am glad you are feeling better. Even feeling very well, I would have been quite vexed at the day you had today!

    1. Meg,
      When it was all happening, I was quite vexed, but the feeling went away. Plus, my car ac went out when it was above 80 today.

  2. I always get "Turn at the Starbucks" Since I don't drink coffee, I never pay attention to where they are. Besides they are on every corner. Jeesh!!

    1. We only have one Starbucks. However, if someone told me that, I would be stymied as to where it is since I have never gone there and don't drink coffee.

      Here, it would be turn at the church. There is one on every corner, it seems.

  3. Some people are just dense or charmed by their own voice. I thought getting gps would be the answer to the navigation problem, but sometimes that dame is wrong. She had me going the wrong way on a one way street!

    1. carol,
      "[C]harmed by their own voice" is certainly true in her case! If the police saw you or you hit someone, you would be at fault. Stupid gps.

  4. I hope the ice cream helped, and you have better luck next time.

    1. Urspo,
      Ice cream makes everything better! Next time has got to be better.


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