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Friday, October 7, 2016

Grocery Deals This Week

These are not all of the good deals this week, just what I will get. I looked through the grocery sale ads and two places on the internet. This does not include any drugstores.

strawberries $1.98

grapes, all colors $0.98 lb.

Kraft cheese 8oz $1.69
Kraft Parmesan canister $2.69
Miracle Whip $2.99

celery $0.69
carrots 2lb bag/$0.49 !!!!

delicious apples 5 lb. bag 2/$5

PET milk $0.88
bscb $1.99

3 lb yellow onions $1
grape tomatoes 1 pt/$1

There are quite a few sales that are good, just not ones I am getting. Today, after we ate at the Power Board Oktobertfest celebration, Exbf  took me a few places as I was not up to driving. I got the carrots and tomatoes at WM, using price-match. I can get the rest up until Tuesday next week. I brought home two packs of carrots--4 lbs. They will be put in the crock pot when I feel better.

At the Power Board I met a man I recognized. When he told me his name, I was delighted to see him again. When he asked my name, I asked him if he remembered my son, using first and last name. He certainly did, and had absolutely no recollection of me! That was fine, but it certainly is funny to be introducing myself as "the mother of" after all these years. But, I certainly don't mind.

At Kmart I got exbf two 5-packs of Hanes boxers, regularly $16.99 for $9.99. He never shops or looks for ads, so this worked out for him to be the driver. For me, there was gel nail polished, reduced.

We ate, drank, and listened to music--the best band around here in a long time. It is going to be a good day/event when "Jambalaya" and "God Bless the USA" are the first two songs. The day was perfect, clear skies, sun, the slightest breeze and mild temperature, with low humidity. We arrived at 10 am and it was getting a little warm when we left about 11:30. Of course, sitting at a table under a huge tent was pleasant even though the temps went up. It is still summer here, so shorts and sandals and spaghetti straps still rule. Only one elderly man had on a jacket. But, he wears one all summer long.

Then, we went to a pharmacy where pink Hefty cups, the kind I like, 50 count packages were 2/$5. Usually these are $3.88 at WM. And, they never have pink anymore.

Plus, while nearby, I went in to pay a bill with cash. This place holds the check until the end of the month even though I always pay it early to avoid penalties. So, I pay in cash and it's on the way to everywhere.

I came home and slept for 3 hours before getting up to make us a salad for dinner. When he left, I slept another 4 hours. Fun, food, music, shopping for bargains and two naps works for me!

Your turn
Have there been any good deals in your stores? Do you still need to introduce yourself as the "mother of" your child?


  1. I am sad to say I don't know how to shop for deals. I tend to go to buy what I had in mind.

    1. Urspo,
      You are well-educated, have critical thinking skills, and can read. Get the ads, find deals on things you might want this week or next. Write everything down, a list. Then, shop.

      I will not purchase grapes at $3.98/lb or strawberries at $4.98 qt. When I see a sale, I buy.

      You may be able to purchase what you want when you want it. But, there are people with means who do purchase to save money. If you save $10 a week by making prudent purchases, you will have almost $400 at the end of the year that you otherwise would have spent.

      Surely, you would like to save that much money. Maybe not.

    2. Yes I would.
      I need to learn and practice.

    3. Urspo,
      Maybe baby steps would work. I do believe if you have the desire, you definitely have the skills to jump right in. It is tedious some days, but think of a bit of savings that adds up.


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