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Sunday, October 2, 2016


Sunday, a church held a Shindig, an event to benefit their food bank. The last time I went it was a luau. The food was delicious and fruit abundant.

This time, everyone dressed in cowboy/western/farm attire as best they could. Well, some only had little high-topped shoes that looked like boots. Some guys had on jeans and a checked shirt. It was not mandatory to dress for a shindig. I was not informed to dress for this. The only thing I would have had would be a bandana. Or, I could have worn a blouse that had a gathered neck, sort of in the style of all the buxom beauties in cowboy movies. Only, I would just be an old lady in a loose peasant blouse minus the buxom part.

First, there was a silent auction. I won a beautiful frame with very nice flowers for only $2. There are other things I wanted.

Second, I went to a room with lots of food/restaurant/movie prizes. These had a little bag into which to put your tickets purchased for $0.50. They drew winners from each little bag. I won a few items from tables where prizes had a cup for the ticket. I won a tin, stickers, planter, and something else.

Dinner was $6--hamburger with lots of lettuce and tomatoes, great potato salad, baked beans I brought home to Dominique, a wonderful brownie, and two Cokes.

We then went to the sanctuary for entertainment and music while all the prizes were gathered and tallies made.

This was the most fun I have had in church for a long time. I thought we were going to be treated to a sermon and church music. NO!

Their 50" screens on each side of the front of the church started off with Bonanza opening, then other
Western series had their opening scenes. This went on for about ten minutes. At the end Happy Trails scenes and song played.

There were different races up and down the two side aisles, pitting girls against boys and men against women. This went on forever but was amusing. At the end of the races, balloon between knees, sack races and such, a group gathered on the "stage" for several minutes of the Chicken Dance.

A teen would-be comedian told terrible jokes and asked questions for which there were funny answers.  Two little girls up front had funnier lines than he did which an adult pointed out.

One contest was strange. Tiny bags of jelly beans were handed out to three boys and three girls on the stage. They were told some of the jelly beans tasted horrible. Whoever lasted the longest without spitting them out or even making a face, won. One of the kids, Bear, was one of the winners. As he reached me and was hurrying down the aisle, he was gagging and spitting. He held on long enough to win, chewing with a smile.

I asked one girl what the jelly bean tasted like. "Barf!" Later, a kid who had given me Laffy Taffy had more candy. When I asked for the other candy and asked if it was the one that might tasted bad. I thought he said it was all tasty. The second jelly bean tasted like vomit! I had to have more Laffy Taffy to counteract it after I spit it out. This was some sort of Jelly Belly item. I bought home four to give to exbf. Yes, everyone ate candy in the sanctuary.

They made money for their food bank and everyone had fun. It was different and cost little. Everything went to a good cause. Happy Trails to You!

Your turn
Have you ever been to a church event to make money that actually took place all over the church, albeit controlled? Who has seen the pulpit moved and the stage taken over by the Chicken Dance? Anything like it?


  1. As an Episcopalian, I have been to some wild shin digs. Wine was almost always a factor. The one thing, though, that doesn't happen is a flow into the sanctuary. Compline after, of course, where all are welcome simply by the nature of showing up.

    1. Meg,
      I, like you, have heard of wine and wild things in church but never in the sanctuary!

  2. It sounds like it was a wonderful time!!! I have heard of the jelly beans that terrible. I think I will pass on that one.

    1. Sonya Ann,
      You are smart to pass on those nasty jelly beans. However, I am saving them for exbf and have warned him. That man will eat anything. I just say, "Taste this." Then, he plops things in his mouth.

  3. You were Beanboozled.. the most awful game ever invented. To please my nephews.. I spun the wheel and could have ended up with popcorn or rotten egg (look the same) yep.. I got rotten egg.. so gross

    1. I love Beanboozled! Is that the name of the game? YOU mean you can tell by looking? I am sooo glad I quit eating after the one gross jelly bean.

  4. Some of my fondest memories were the annual church christmas workshop when we made homemade ornaments.

    1. Ur-spo, those memories are good to have. I don't think we ever did anything like that at my church.


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