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Sunday, October 23, 2016

I Won Again!

When I went to the mailbox about 10:30 pm on Saturday night, it was the first time I had left the house that day except to feed Dominique. It was so dark I could not even see my white car. I was three feet from it before I could make it out. Then, I could not find the door, window, or keyhole. I felt until I could find the post between front and back door, followed it down to door handle and still had to feel the keyhole since I could not see it.

After finding what I wanted to take in the house and placing it on the driver's seat, I walked down the driveway and stumbled when I came to the street. DARK! I walked in the street to the mailbox about ten feet from the mailbox. If I had tried to walk in the gutter, no doubt I would have stumbled on the rough asphalt broken off in places or sticks or tree limbs. When I walk in the yard to the mailbox, I step in a present from a dog.

The mailbox was visible, barely. What I noticed was the door was hanging open. Sometimes, the mailman does not get it to catch. Sometimes, I don't. So, I put my hand up and moved it to the open cavity of the box above the door. Ouch! Why did I jam my fingers on the empty space? Knowing I did not hit the door or the mailbox, I was puzzled. Gingerly, I felt about. There was something long sticking out of the mailbox, the thing I jammed my fingers on. I thought I knew what the cylinder was.

As I took things from the car that I wished to be in the house, I looked at address on the long, round package. YES!

After I came into the house, I opened the long cylinder to find the umbrella from the TV station where I emailed my name and address in order to receive an umbrella in a drawing. YAY me! It has the spring to open it with one hand. 

This makes two gifts from this station as I won a weather radio from the station this spring. I like winning useful things.

About 35 years ago, I won two tickets for the theater from a radio station every month for about a year. It was a trivia question to the first caller who answered a trivia question correctly, and a person could only win once each month, or maybe it was once a week. I have forgotten but there were only two of us who consistently won. Neither of us ever answered a question wrong! That is why they had to put a limit on the

Soooo, I have a new umbrella. If it did not have a logo, it would be a Christmas gift.

Your turn
Do you enter drawings and win things? Are you like me and can always use another umbrella?


  1. Congratulations. When it is something I'll use I enter and try for concert tickets for my daughters.

    1. SAM,
      Thanks. Yeah, I know it is just an advertisement umbrella, but it will keep me dry. Maybe you can win concert tickets for your daughters. That would really be wonderful.

  2. Congrats on your win!!!! I won a bike when I was a kid and that's been about it for my entire life. I'm hoping to break my losing streak soon. Oh wait, I won Sluggy's giveaway once. I'm really hoping for the lotto or something. ;p

    1. Sonya Ann,
      A bike is a really good win, better than an umbrella. Don't you win when you gamble? Now, winning the lotto would be fabulous!

  3. congratulations!
    Around here it hardly ever rains but umbrellas are used to keep of the blazing sunshine.

    1. Urspo,
      Thanks! In the South they were popular for sun protection, too. Actually, some people still use them. We have been without rain for about 35 days.


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