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Friday, September 12, 2014

What Do You See? Car Body Work!

What do you see?
Look closely!
Last week, I noticed a small yellow bit of something on this plant. I walked over to examine it closely. Just as I suspected, it was a tomato blossom. I took this photo well after dark. The plant is much greener and healthier looking. Really! This week, I spotted a second blossom. I suppose it has fallen off and a new tomato is on the way. I really did not feel like looking for it in the dark.
The plant is sitting in the 4x4 box that has fallen down, well mostly. The tomato cage was put in it so the yard could be mowed. The hens have spent this year scratching and bathing in it. There were probably more tomato and other plants, but the hens took care of that! They are good like that--destroy any tender or not-so-tender plant life is their mission. Practice must be done daily and vigorously!
I put the sd card in my laptop and went to the kitchen for a glass of milk and a banana. This was the first picture I edited. Suddenly, I was thunder struck! There was a tomato worm on my plant. I practically ran with a flashlight and plastic bag to pluck it off. ??? Nothing. Nothing. But, I found the culprit. It was a weather-worn feather. So, I plucked it off. That was a scare. Okay, so the "intruder" above looks like a caterpillar in the picture, not a tomato horn worm. Remember, I have cataracts.
The spider that readers identified for me moved next to the door instead of in front of it. Now, the spider decided that in front of the bathroom window was a better place. He depends on the light to draw in dinner, I suppose. So, that is where he sits in wait.
different kind of spider
This picture was taken at dusk and enhanced to see anything. The spider is in the middle. I had to stand very close, so I just got the flash off the dark body. Can you see the little tufts in the web? One is at the top left. There are two under the chair. Then, there is one at about 5 o'clock under the spider. There are two that have bushes for the background, but they are not easy to see.
What are the tufts? they have a central location and then just filmy threads that blow in a breeze. Is that were captured bugs reside? Is the fluffy tuft a lure? What kind of spider is this?
the latest body work on my car
Did you know that oak trees self-prune? They do. Since 2000, I have not had a carport. This just ruins a car. Not only is it sitting in the weather, if is a target for tree limbs. This is the latest of a dozen hits. The car is parked under the smallest limbs. The other limbs would do lots more damage.

Since I closed their pen after dark, I had to check on them with a flashlight. They looked so cute, sitting in a row, I decided to take a picture. Of course, they had to get up and move around.
The wagon is in front of the car because exbf used it to carry things to his car. I told him just to leave it there, not to bother to walk back to the backyard.
Remember, slugmama's giveaway in the blog post below here.
Your turn
Can you tell what the new spider is by the fluffy tufts on the web? Doesn't that feather look like something that will eat my tomato? Do you ever just check on your chickens at night, especially after a close call or an actual attack and loss?


  1. That feather did look like a tomato killer. I would have been rushing out too.
    slugamama's giveaway is incredibly generous. I hope you win.

    1. EC.
      LOL, that feather did look dangerous. Yes, she has good things to give away every time. She gets most of the stuff free, but it is still generous and really good stuff.

  2. I wonder if the fluff could be from milkweed>

    Linda a few days ago I shared a cute video with you on Facebook. If you have a moment click over and have a look. It should be in your messages folder.
    I would have sent it to your email but couldn't figure out how to do that.

    1. Janet,
      You gave me an idea. I photographed the tall plant with fluff instead of sunflowers like I hoped for. Maybe that stuff was just stuck as it blew away.

      I will look for the video. Thanks for telling me. I rarely go there, b ut I will.

  3. I do not have chickens. But, when I hear the coyotes howling at night, (yipping, really) I bolt out of bed and dash through the house to make sure all three of my cats are accounted for!

    We have a lovely coop and yard with netting over it, so we are well set up for chickens. I just don't have the wherewithal to feed and water. Traipsing over an acre to the coop is more than I can bear on winter mornings.

    1. Meg,
      I can understand the frantic accounting of cats. I heard coyotes across the street and someone else saw them. You will need more on top than netting if you have raccoons or possums around. But, I understand not wanting to get out in the winter.

  4. So the point of the story is that chickens and trees are dangerous. Yup, I got it.

    1. Sonya Ann,
      ...and spiders and feathers


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