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Saturday, September 27, 2014

New drops and new wireless internet question

I know you may be getting tired of hearing about cataract surgery and the aftermath. I called the surgeon's office in Birmingham and was given new eye drops, with identical ingredients. When I tried to pick them up at WM, they were out. So, I had to go to Walgreen's to get them. Then, I drove back to WM to ask about the identical ingredients. He seemed puzzled, too, but said the ingredient might be in a different base.

At any rate, when I put the new drops in, there was soothing not pain. Relief.

Charter came out for the umpteenth time and put in there router. At first, I was having trouble. The Charter guy would not touch my computer or give me advice. It was funny because my laptop screen kept going black, yet the light on the front of the laptop was lit. ATT guys would help. The guy wanted to leave before I could prove to myself that I had wireless. He said if I did not sign his little pad, he would remove the router and leave. People like me dealing with people like him should not own weapons...just kidding.

The wireless guy who put up the wire and installed modem moved my extension ladder. It was leaning against the back of the house, but lying. Yes, I know it is unsafe to leave ladders outside so people have no trouble getting into my house. At any rate, it is one foot from my path to hens. I could stagger and trip over it. This Charter guy refused to touch it. He quoted OSHA. I remarked that all the guys at Charter seemed to be "specialists. "Yes, ma'am, I am a specialist. This is all I do--install modems." I hope his old grandmother needs something some day and an asshole shows up. Bitter? YES!

Is there any way to do wireless alone? I mean--I have MagicJack and an antenna. I pay nothing for them once I made the purchase. So, is there a way to get a device like MagicJack or an antenna so I am free of companies?

My eye feels great. But, the last straw with this eye doctor (optometrist) is the fact he kept telling my pain and irritation in lashes at outer corner was where the incision was made. That is insulting to think I know no better. The irritation was like a person might get at the very corner of the mouth in cold weather. The doctor ran six feet from me to keep from having to look at it. I said, "Will you look at it, please?" "No, that is where the incision was made." "In the lashes?" That was the final straw with him. I really don't want to go back to him for my appointment on Oct. 2, but the other eye doctor probably will not want to take this in the middle of my appointments. I will find out Monday! I need a better bedside manner. More cooperation.

Keeping my head above my heart makes everything difficult with knee and back problems, and not being able to squat without excessive pain...sigh. I am going to wash my hair with eyes closed and keep my head high enough. The water will soak me and the Okay. I will have exbf rinse the hair color under the water hose, and an outfit will be ruined. Okay.

This stream of consciousness post kept changing

Are you sick of cataract stories and griping? I am.

Your turn
Does anyone know of a better way to get internet than a company? If it takes specialized equipment, I am okay with that because this costs $50 month.

Is the cataract saga getting old?


  1. It sounds as if it was the base in the drops - but I am glad to hear that you have relief finally.

  2. I now know one thing and one thing about Charter, and it is that I hate it.

  3. Snowbrush,
    I have had it for 12 hours after promises, missed appointments with me, showing up late, and bad attitude. I hate it, too. At least it took me about five years to decide I hated AT&T! Since I don't have a contract, I am under no obligation to stay one day more. But, I will for the moment. My goodness! It is sooo fast. I thought it was my computer and Office Max encourage me to think so and drop $150 with them.

  4. I'm just catching up on posts. Glad that you're healing!


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