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Monday, September 29, 2014

Free Pears

a pear in hand
I have found a pear tree. Yes, my nail polish is chipped. I don't sit all day. Plus, this nail polish was put on last Wednesday. Tonight, I redo.
barely over my head

rotten pears on the ground
The pear tree is around the corner and down the street that is next on the main road to the north of my house, two blocks from my house. The guy said he was just visiting, so help myself. Notice the cleanup happening.

 What I saw!
YAY! I found a new tree
Look at the lovely sky!
The ground, however, was still covered in pears. This falling of pears has been going on for two weeks. I did not go sooner to ask because of the fruit flies in the house and the cataract surgery. I went now to get a stick in my eye to annoy the optometrist! You just know he would say that. Hopefully, I can get rid of most of the fruit flies tonight. I found things they were after--fruits and vegetables stored out of the refrigerator. Fruit flies like onions, even fresh ones....grrr. 

 yep, rotten
The hens would love these! I may go back and get a bucketful for them later. Today, I was dodging yellow jackets. These on the ground are probably full of yellow jackets, so maybe I will share my good ones. 
2012 pears
I will probably take the fruit picker next time I go pick pears. This and my arm reach 17 feet. With both torn rotator cuffs, I probably can only reach 15 feet high.

mystery fruit
As I was driving along near my house, I saw the fruit tree between the two trees. 
looks like plums

mystery fruit
I was so intent on finding fruit that the green "fruit" to the right of the weedeater caught my attention. After straining to focus, I realized it was just tennis fruit. lol I have to go back since no one came to the door.  
20 pounds of pears and no picture. Ha! I will put up one later. I am so tired and feeling like being lazy.
I am hoping to finally rid myself of the plague of fruit flies tonight. If not, they will attach these when I try to store them or cut them up. Right now, they sit in front of the window ac. I am hoping the cool air will dissuade them from gathering on the fruit. Dehydrating them may be the next step.
Your turn
Have you found any free fruit lately? Do you put it up? How?


  1. It is my nails that are chipped, not the non-existent polish. Gardening is hard on them. And that is my excuse.
    Pears? You can keep them. Plums are another matter entirely.

  2. EC,
    We both hate pears. But, pear sauce is delicious. I may dehydrate a few really ripe ones to see how the texture is. That plum tree is on a bank, so I have to locate my fruit picker first. I have not looked, so it may not be difficult to find.

    I really hate to look down and all my nails have "corners" chipped away. That means judicious trimming and maybe trimming a few more nails just to get them to look somewhat the same length.

  3. Our property has two plum trees, and they gave us an abundance if plums, which turned to jam and pies. We have many Himalayan blackberries along our barbed wire. I put up one batch of jam, made several pies, and simply froze the rest in gallon bags for use in winter, when I am craving the taste of summer. We also have several apple trees, with so much fruit, that much of it has Bern feeding the deer...I love seeing the fruit on the ground with bite marks. I can applesauce with them. All this bounty is free! But, the canning has been keeping me busy, as I am still harvesting things from my garden. I made a goal to shred and freeze at least 2 zucchini per day. (I can relish with it, but usually wait until later in fall when the apples have let up.)

    Here's to a quick recovery from your cataract surgeru.

    1. Yum, blackberries sound good. I hope I can find an apple tree. My mother would can or freeze juice and make jelly in the winter when the heat was welcome.

      Thank you. Just two more weeks until my last doctor appointment.

  4. no free fruit here, but plenty of fruit flies. I agree, they go for produce that's stored out of the refrigerator. They start as babies on bananas and can grow to be as big as your pinkie fingernail. We've been having a battle with them this past summer.

    1. I have lots of produce and fruit in the refrigerator. When I opened the door, I was horrified to see fruit flies in the refrigerator. I have battled for over two months. And, some have gotten huge. I did buy 5 or 6 bananas at a time. Then, I bought two. Now, I get one banana at a time. I don't get to eat my one banana each day! I don't want to put bananas in the refrigerator, so I just live with fewer bananas.

  5. Hey, at least you have nails. I've destroyed mine lately.

    We have no fruit trees on our place, and it's a sin. We're talking about selling and the whole time we lived here (2001), we've said we were going to do it "next year" and that time never came.

    We do have, however, the same situation with a pear tree at our neighbor's house. They just let them rot. We snag a few occasionally, but never put them up.

    You're much wiser.

    1. Cherdo,
      Since I divorced in 1981, I have said "next year I will plant a pecan tree." So much for good intentions.

  6. Replies
    1. Wendy, too bad you don't have a tree. Will they grow that far north?

  7. The power company was cutting branches from lines on their easement at the side of my yard, late yesterday. Seems muscadines were growing there and afterward I went to the back yard and saw it had "rained" fruit. ( They trimmed late this year so it is first year any fruit has ripened) So happy they cut and shook att those vines. Woo hoo muscadine jelly is made and canned!


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