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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sales This Week, Birthday Report, Christmas, Maggie May

Not much, but cheap

Of course, the sales for grocery stores came out on Wednesday. I only price-matched on local stores, some too far to drive for a few items.

Miracle Whip--$1.99
Kraft Italian--$0.99

When I get out the ads for stores 50 miles away, there may be more savings.

From last week's ad, I got produce on Tuesday, the last day of that ad.

Celery sleeve--$0.99
Bell peppers--$50

I still have not made the muscadine jam, but exbf got to sample three of the grapes and was enjoying those.

Birthday Report
About 2 am as I was heading to bed, I pulled out frozen blueberries that were thawing in the refrigerator and the bag managed to leak all over. Then, I moved the bag and caused another leak. I spent too much time cleaning that up. I was annoyed and that stress and cleaning led me to just stay up longer.

Even though I took the melatonin, I still could not sleep. So, I took something a little stronger. Still no sleep. All this had nothing to do with any birthday angst. It just happens. At 5 am, I was still awake. Oh, not having internet was stressing me!

I set the alarm for 9 am. About 8:45, the Charter guy said he was on the way. Nope, he did not connect anything. He thought it was strange that the guys said talked about the electric meter because it had nothing to do with Charter AND there was a pole already there, the electric pole, ready to receive a line. Sooo, I am up and dressed for nothing.

Exbf always comes about 9:30 am, so not much time to sleep, but I put on my nightgown and tried. He gave me a bag of coupons which I promptly put with my other coupons. He told me there was something else in there. I looked.

2 $10 cards for Walmart from battery deal
This makes 8 of these, the full amount due me and exbf for the batteries I bought last year. That makes $80 for Christmas shopping. If I buy a gift elsewhere, I can use these for groceries or gas at WM...all the same, just a shuffling of the money.
After I got these out and deposit the cards in my purse, I started to put the bag of coupons away again. Exbf said there was more. A birthday card from him was in with the coupons inserts in the bag. At this point I asked him if a sandwich would suit him as much as spaghetti. He said he had been looking forward to spaghetti, so he would really wanted me to fix spaghetti. It is all my fault because I have been telling him for three or four days we were having spaghetti. Linda, keep your mouth shut....argh. He said he rarely had spaghetti.
After we talked a bit, I made scrambled eggs with cheese for me because I was starving. Then, I immediately had to start on the spaghetti. ugh Onions and bell pepper were sautéed in olive oil, then ground beef was browned. I put the canned Hunt's spaghetti in and added cinnamon and a one inch chunk of celery. I usually chop more celery, but I forgot until the end, so did not want crunchy, diced celery. All this was just exhausting and my back hurt, excruciating pain.
We both ate a huge amount of spaghetti and my eyes started closing. A coma was engulfing me, slowly but surely.  As I headed off for my nap at 1 pm, I asked him to wake me at 3 pm so I could get ready for dinner out. When 3 pm rolled around and 3:30 pm, I told him I wanted to wait another day to go out. He was okay with that. It would have been sheer torture, so cruel,  to have to get dressed and go somewhere to eat. He went to a buffet on the way back to B'ham and had vegetables.
Maggie May
The little one has a name. She is now taller than Thelma, the Rhode Island Red, just gangly and skinner. She is 5.5 months and no sign of a comb.
It would have been a better birthday if I could have been in a coma all afternoon. And, that is not sadness or depression talking, just my weary body. Of course, getting  good night's sleep would have been optimal, no matter what I did today. Plus, not having a horrid back ache would have made possibilities of going anywhere without pain.
Janet sent me the cutest card. Thanks. It was all sparkly and had a cupcake on it. That was in the mail that I opened about 3:30. Thanks.

Your turn

Does spaghetti throw you right into a coma? Did anyone else get WM gift cards from Energizer batteries? I think only two people have said they got cards for Walmart. Remember the Rod Stewart son, Maggie May?


  1. I liked that Rod Stewart song. I still sing it. I'm glad Exbf had some surprises for you.


    1. Janie,
      I love it and sing it, too. I like everything Rod Stewart has ever done. Yes, I smiled lots to get the WM cards and birthday cards.

  2. I love Maggie may. I was a little girl, but saved my money to buy my first record.

    Happy birthday!

    1. Patti,
      I assume you are a Rod Stewart fan, too. Thanks.

  3. I think I have to go back in time and read your older posts. I have the feeling that I need to know the exbf story. He seems awfully accommodating for an ex!

    Happy birthday, Linda!

    1. Cherdo,
      They probably won't explain I dated him for two years. In 1999, he dumped me. I asked him to go to my hs reunion. He was adamant over a few weeks that he would not go because he did not want to go. I told him that it happened only every five years and that a person did things they did not want to do for someone he/she loved. So, the next week he broke up and gave me gas money to get there and a bit more. Just before this incident, he agreed to buy me a laptop and let me pay him back. We took a nap, he dumped me, and still said he would still buy the laptop. He also said he would come help me all I needed. I asked why. He said because I really needed help. He is accommodating! However, he thinks one argument or difference means we did not love each other or are not meant to be together. He is 61 and never married.

      Thank you!

  4. Love the exbf had some suprises and treats for you.
    And sleep? I would kill for it, so I do understand where you are coming from.
    Without it everything hurts more, feels worse - and is worse too. Hope you have a better night.
    And happy birthday. Which I should have said first.

  5. EC,
    Oh how I value sleep! Yes, everything hurt worse. Thanks. I thought I read and responded to this once. Thanks. I have had better birthdays!

  6. Wait, is it your Birthday?? Congratulations! And how come the exbf wasn't the one making lunches/dinners for YOU on your special day? :)

    1. Lena,
      Sept 11 was my birthday--68. Well, I mentioned spaghetti two weeks before. I was going to make it the night before. We were going to dinner, but I was too exhausted to go, so next week, we will go out.

      I suggested a sandwich, but he said he was looking forward to spaghetti! Otherwise, we would have had pb sandwich or cheese sandwich.

      HIM make dinner or lunch? LOLOLOL He would make pbj for me or throw frozen dinner on the table. He can fry hamburgers. He knows nothing about cooking. At home he dumps cans of food together or takes frozen food and microwaves it.

      You made me laugh.

  7. Good job on the gift cards and that was really nice of exbf to bring you all of those coupons.

    1. Sonya Ann,
      Thanks. I hope I run across another deal like that. He knows I get excited over coupons.


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