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Monday, September 1, 2014

Tuna Sale


Starkist Chunk Light Tuna was on sale a few weeks ago at one of the local stores. I would normally buy at least ten of these. Because of mercury that is supposedly in tuna, I never eat more than one can each week. Now, I worry about fish caught in the Pacific because of radiation after  Fukishima.  
Tonight, I am at Burger King. Hopefully, the internet will be connected tomorrow. The appointment with Charter is between 1 pm and 3 pm. Then, I received a text that it was between 3 pm and 5 pm....Noooooo! Now, I wonder if they will come at all. So, that's a call I must make early tomorrow.
Thelma seems much better, but she is not 100%. At 3 pm, she was sitting in her sleeping box.
Your turn
Do you find good sales on Starkist tuna? Do you worry about fish caught in the Pacific? Do the providers of your communications drive you crazy?


  1. We love tuna at Case de la Cherdo; it used to be just me, but now Gonzo is on the bandwagon, too. Starkist is the only kind I buy, and our Kroger has some good sales going on tuna right now, but not .69!

    Confession regarding mercury and radiation in tuna: I do worry about such things, but basically, I don't trust any of the information about food quality, either. What's a girl to do?

    My complaint about cable: After being a loyal DirectTV customer for many, many years, our equipment (which is RENTED) was out of date and needed replaced. The commercials that promised the moon to new customer really chaffed my hiney, because a large percentage of those customers won't pay their bill on time, won't stay with them, etc.

    So, I called the fine DirectTV folks and asked if I could get updated equipment, very nicely. I pointed out that strangers were getting it, lol. The answer was a very quick "yes...for $180 dollars" (actually, I can't remember the actual number, but it was in that range.

    I requested they come and get their outdated rental equipment and put it ... in the back of their tech truck. Which they did.

    Cherdo trotted off to Dish and had cable the same day. Then the Direct TV calls started coming hot and heavy - promising all manner of things, if I would return to DirectTV. All I wanted from them to start was for them to update the rented equipment.

    Then last year, we turned the whole deal off. My brain will rot fast enough without it.

  2. I loathe and detest the communciations 'team'. And tradespeople more generally.
    We are in the process of getting quotes for modifications to our bathroom so I can use it safely. The first two quotes are in. Hugely expensive and BOTH of them talk about removing and replacing a non-existent toilet in that bathroom. And both of them asked for questions by email - and are diligently not responding. Sigh.
    The next quote is due tomorrow. And I will believe it when and if it lands in my in-box.

    1. PS: Glad Thelma is at least a little better. Still crossing everything.

  3. Yes I worry about mercury in fish but I eat it anyway. Heck I'm almost 70 what's it going to do to me? I only buy albacore tuna so any price under $1 is good. Do you remember when tuna came in an 8oz can? I found an old recipe for tuna patties with egg sauce that called for that size can - must have been from the late 60s or early 70s - recipe served 4. The 5 oz can serves 2 if you stretch it.

    We have Comcast for internet but for TV we use an antenna for local channels, Huluplus and Amazon Prime for TV and movies plus, for some unknown reason and I'm not asking, we seem to get a free code for a movie from Redbox every weekend and we use it.
    We had both DirectTV and DishTV at some point and got tired of the cost and the very regular not getting reception due to the weather. Then, when cancelling they wanted US to go on the roof and remove the satellite dish and return it with the indoor box. We said NO WAY but did return the indoor box with the mailing box they provided. If I could figure out a way to have free internet at the house - it's available at the library, restaurants, etc - I would.

  4. I haven't gotten a good sale on tuna in quite a while. Our stash is down to 3 cans. I've also not gotten a good deal on spaghetti sauce for a while. I'll buy a can here or there when I'm out but nothing that I'm happy with(price wise).

  5. I love tuna. I need to make it for lunches more often.

    P.S. Random Q: what's your daily SB goal? I notice mine more than doubled after I started earning more, lol!

  6. I buy albacore when I can. I detest the oily taste of tuna even though I buy it packed in water. A few months ago WinnDixie had a bogo on canned chicken but the shelves were empty by the time we drove the 1 mile to get there.

  7. I live on the Oregon Coast and actually canned my own albacore tuna. My understanding is that albacore is a relatively young fish when caught and so doesn't have the time to build up a lot of the stuff you would find in older fish. The fish I've seen this year, yes I was down on the docks looking at fish, look good and healthy. I wasn't at all concerned about mercury or radiation.


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