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Monday, September 8, 2014

How to Have a Great Birthday?

Free meal at KFC
(I read that on a greeting card)
Yes, it's that time of the year again, the time I know my children will not call, give me a gift or send a card. However, I always hope but never lower my expectations. You would never know how sad I am if you were around me. I put on a good front at great expense to my inner self.  For Mother's Day, I got a card from one daughter that you might have chosen for the new co-worker you didn't know at all but felt obligated for some reason to give her a card. I got nothing for Christmas or a card.
She got mad at me before Christmas and then was too sick to do anything, she said. ???
The presents must flow from me because I am the mother...their rule...but they have no obligation to even send me a card or speak to me...because I am the mother...their Dad's rule. I do not have to be made to send a gift, but it hurts to know they can be swayed so by their father to hate me.
New blog?
Anyone want me to start another blog and tell you the whole story--50 years of continual abuse? Then, I won't speak of it here.
The KFC meal was redeemed the first day it was available--September 1st. YUM, it was delicious.
Left Knee
My L knee no longer hurts because today I had an injection of cortisone and Lidocaine injected under the request. Well, I did not request the Lidocaine.  The pain killer is so I could stand the injection pain, I think. At any rate, when back and other knee are injected, I will be able to move without pain and can move around more. That will be novel. Of course, the relief won't last forever.
Baskin Robbins
If there is a Baskin Robbins in town, I have a coupon for a birthday cone. The internet says there is. I don't think so.

My birthday is September 11, not today.


  1. Such a mixed post.
    Concentrating on the pluses - I am very glad that your knee no longer hurts and that the KFC was delicious.
    On your children's part? Hiss and spit. They are now adults, and could behave that way.
    I am so very sorry.

    1. EC,
      It is so wonderful not to hurt in that knee. Hopefully, by the time of my 50th High school reunion, I will not hurt so I can at least not cringe and grunt and be exhausted from pain.

      Have you ever heard of parental alienation? The adult child seldom can see the truth. Google it.

      Yes, it was a mixed It just happened. Thanks.

  2. So glad you're not in so much physical pain. Pain from a broken heart is another thing. My kids also have pretty much abandoned us, too bad for them. Each year I cut back on what we give - we're now down to $25. gifts twice a year for the 3 grandkids and cards for birthdays - lots more than we get since we get nothing. Since we don't live close, about 1200 miles away, it's easier to bear. Always focus on the positive - like delicious KFC and Baskin Robbins!!

  3. Bellen,
    I know the pain of a broken heart well. I am sorry for your pain, too. Mine live 1000+ miles away. It is so good to have the knee pain gone. I never knew how good it would be. Thanks for you kind comment.

  4. I'm glad your knee feels better.
    I'm sorry your kids don't talk to you. That makes me sad. We don't go around my mother in law much, but that's only because my husbands younger siblings are into drugs and other illegal activities, she continually enables them.
    Hope you can find a nearby Baskin Robbins!

    1. Michelle,
      Well, I don't go around people who are doing drugs and other illegal activities, even if they are relatives. It's too bad your mil chooses to enable them. I am sure she must know that is why you stay away.

      As I went by where it is supposed to be, I could not look very much because of traffic. I will call today. Thanks.

  5. Some kids can be ungrateful little...*darlings* Even when they are adults and maybe parents themselves. It's sad but happens too often to too many of us. I hope you enjoyed your day regardless.


    1. Barb,
      Yes, mine have a vindictive father behind their contempt. I will enjoy my day very much, just with an ache in my heart.

  6. I'm sorry about your children. I truly am. And your knee! That sucks.
    But hey, free stuff for your b-day has got to help! Hugs and birthday wishes!

    1. Sonya Ann,
      Thanks. At least the knee won't hurt for awhile now. Thanks for the birthday hugs and wishes.

  7. I'm so sorry for your family dynamics. "Happy Birthday!" anyway. Glad your knee stopped hurting.

    1. tana50,
      These dynamics have been in place since I met him in 1965! Thanks. I need a full body lidocain/cortisone injection.

  8. Yum! I love birthday freebies.

    How many kids do you have? Do any of them maintain communication with you? I don't like that you feel obligated to buy them presents 'n such but receive nothing, not even a call, in return :(

    1. tlc,
      I do NOT feel obligated. But, they feel that way. Read response to Janie below. I just want them to not believe all their father says in retaliation for my divorcing him.

  9. My oldest sister's birthday is Sept. 11th. Happy Birthday two days in advance. You really don't have to give them gifts. It doesn't matter what their dad's rules were. I think you've mentioned a second blog before. I believe I said that you should write it if it will help you.


    1. Janie,
      I really want to give them gifts! But, if I am a day late, I am a devil mother. In the past I have bought a $2 gift and spent $5 to send it. They did not understand my extreme poverty in the past. Some days, I actually had no food in the house. Yes, but they consult him and he makes them feel they do not have a mother who loves them. No one should make a child feel unloved by their own mother. He tells them I have lots of money.

    2. I'm sure you've tried, so it's pointless of me to suggest, but have you ever tried explaining your situation to your children via a letter, email, etc? Or shared your blog?

    3. I agree. They should know more about how you live. I know, though, that a lot of times our kids just don't get it. Favorite Young Man thinks I spend all my time watching TV.

  10. I'm sorry Linda. I know too well how that feels and it's lousy. We suffered for many many years and finally within the last two, things have finally turned around.

    I wish you well.


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