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Monday, September 22, 2014

"Use One Teaspoonful Four Times Daily for Five Days"

Syringe with lid/cap and no needle

Well, that instruction is straightforward enough. Only, the doctor wrote it as "Take One...."  The prescription--Lidocaine. I was so puzzled. Finally, the pharmacist told me to swish it in my mouth and not swallow. "Do Not Swallow," she emphasized.

Yes, I really would have been swallowing this stuff!

Okay, I am still puzzled. I made two trips to the same doctor today, got a shot and five prescriptions. And, this was my second trip to the pharmacy at Walmart.  I am exhausted.

I went for several things this morning. The doctor had not turned in results from a physical, so the doctor's office was going to cancel my cataract surgery for tomorrow. I told him I needed it and handed them the form ONE MONTH AGO. Okay, it was 28 days ago. I did not know I had to have a physical. But, they did. Since I went for my ears and temperature, they could not do a physical on the same day, then or today. Please don't ask me why because those are the rules.  ???

Anyway, I went back at 5:30 for my sick appointment after the physical earlier today. Whew. My ear still hurt and throat was sore a bit, sinuses hurt, fever, and I was just sick. So, I got a shot that almost took away the rest of my ability to walk. It has been four hours and I am hobbling about like a seven-year-old boy who had to get a shot and is bleeding it for all it's worth.

The second thing was that I have had dozens of flea bites that happened two weeks ago that I claw until I have actually left bruises around the bloody places. For four nights I clawed my legs and ankles because the movement of the sheet and blanket made the bites itch and actually hurt.

I could not sleep until exhaustion set in around daybreak. Then, I had to get up with too little sleep or sleep most of the day. Neither was a good alternative to a night's sleep.

The doctor's office called in something for itching. OTC was not cutting it. The ointment prescription actually has something for pain, itching, and antibiotic. I was hoping the lidocaine was for my bites. I told the pharmacist that I was going to put it on my legs. She said it would work. After muddling it over and trying to decide how to apply viscous lidocaine without numbing my fingers or using too much on a Q-tip (swab) or a cotton ball, I mentioned a dropper.

After I asked about purchasing a bottle with a dropper, she gave me a syringe with a lid. Perfect! Yes, that is the picture at the top of the post.

Between the doctor visits, I made my final preps on the canning I have done for the Fair Contest. I left home at 11 am and arrived home at 9 pm tonight. For ten minutes I was here to feed and lock up the hens. For another 30 minutes I was here to finish up and gather up the canning.

Whew, I am exhausted. If I did not have a claw foot tub up against the commode (almost) I could not rise. Someone would find me stuck to the commode, dead, having starved to death. Well, since exbf is coming in about twelve hours, I suppose none of that would

However, getting relief for the flea bites is worth everything I went through today. Oh, I have not told you the half of this stressful day. Later. Also, I will edit this

Your turn
Would have known to swish and spit with the directions in the post title? Have you ever swished Lidocaine? Do  flea bites hurt and itch for weeks? Intense itching?


  1. It is years since I have had a flea bite (thankfully). Mosquitoes are a different matter. They bring me up in ginormous welts and itch and hurt forever. Ditto ants.
    Good luck with the cataract surgery.

    1. EC,
      Everything likes to bite me, but flea bites last a long time with me. If it bites, it bites me. Thanks.

  2. Followed your comment to me and hope you are VERY AWARE of what the fluoroquinolones can do! Horrible, horrible damage!

  3. I sent you and email, it's kinda long.

  4. Sounds like you're just really sensitive to flea bites; that seems to be more uncomfortable that normal. Hope the meds do the trick.

    Where are you coming in contact with the fleas? Maybe you can zap that source.

    1. Cherdo,
      I am. My mil had a house full of fleas that never bit her or her daughter, just me and my infant daughter. My doctor moved his three toddlers and infant daughter to a home. Only the baby was eaten alive. The others, maybe one bite. They get me before I can zap.

  5. I think it just depends on how you react to bites. Yours sounds like a really bad reaction. I hope you feel better soon!

    1. LL cool Joe,
      It's getting better already

  6. I've never used Lidocaine. If it didn't say DO NOT SWALLOW, then I would swallow. Stuff that goes in your mouth is for swallowing, unless it's Listerine. I don't have any trouble with fleas, but mosquitoes bite me. Children's Benadryl anti-itch gel works well, as does some stuff I got from the vet for a rash Harper had. Please do not starve to death in the bathtub.


    1. Janie,
      Right! I was confused! Now that we have had a long conversation and the bottle says "Swish," hopefully, I will not swallow. However, I am against my whole mouth being numb, so will use it topically. I am hungry now! Starvation will set in later. lol

  7. You have so much going on! I would be tired and a little scattered if I had that much going on!

  8. You have my sympathy Linda. I know how some of these tiny insects can cause a lot of pain and suffering to those of us who seem attractive to these critters. I think it could be that some humans give of a scent that appeals to certain insects and they come zooming in for a meal, on us!
    When I lived in Scotland it was THE MIDGES that were the most attracted to my skin. Never felt them biting but later in the day I would feel an itch, followed by a red weal spreading out from the bite centre. Took days for it to stop burning and itching ... then I'd get another attack and so on. Yet my neighbour next door never seemed troubled by these things! Most unfair.
    Glad the meds seems to be helping.

  9. Philip H,
    Oh, I feel the fleas land sometimes and the pain is immediate. I am sure the midges would love me. My scent must be very appealing. Thanks.

  10. Doesn't sound like flea bites. Neighbor woman said her bites were from fleas and "shumak" poison - Ha! She had bites from face to feet. Not so from my experience/knowledge of poison plants. Just saying.

  11. I too had terrible problem with fleas - 4 dogs, ya know. Kept pan of water with light over it, catching oodles. Didn't fix the problem, even using chemical sprays and diatomaceous earth/DE. Luckily, I didn't get bitten often. Found flea collars out of England - expensive but in long run, the cheapest and best- Seresto at Last 8 months rather than 30 days. Now after two years, flea problem is totally gone. I'm so happy! Needless to say, my puppers are ecstatic.

    After 40 years of freedom from mosquito attacks, they are nabbing me every time I work in the yard; weird though as the itching/swelling only lasts couple hours. Maybe not mosquitoes?
    Hope you get control in your situation. I HATE BITING BUGS.


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