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Saturday, September 20, 2014

New Source?

Pear sauce?
Driving two blocks from my house in a direction I rarely go,. I saw the ground was covered with pears at one home. Later, I got this one pear from the ground. It is perfect, but most of the pears are only fit for the hens. The best part is the pears are chest high and up. I can easily pick two five-gallon buckets without any problem.

I have been thinking about pears and wondering how I was going to find some. Remember--the April 2011 tornado took out half the town and my pear tree on municipal property.

Now, catching the people at home and asking for more pears is my goal today. I hate fresh pears. It's the texture. Pears in a can are delicious! I can keep exbf in fruit for a month and put these up, too. I may try dehydrating this one.

More later.

Your turn
Did you ever wished for something right under your nose? Have you ever had homemade pear sauce? Raise your hand if you like pears in any form.  


  1. I don't like the texture of fresh pears either, find them kind of grainy. One year, from a neighbor's tree, I make about 12 quarts of pear sauce. Made it just like applesauce. We ate it plain, make pear sauce cake and bar cookies using applesauce recipes and they were really good. Haven't had access to free pears since but would do it again.

    1. Bellen,
      Yes, the texture does me in. I had free pears for about five years from "my" tree on municipal property. Then, I advertised for free pears. This one is sooo close.

      That is sort of what I had in mind for the pears and using applesauce recipes. I will can mine in pints since there is just me. Maybe you can advertise. We have a free internet site for the city.

  2. Pears are one of the few fruits I don't like. And, I think it was the sprays used, one year a pear brought me out like an African plate woman. My mouth swelled so much my lips split. Not for me. In any form.

    1. EC,
      WOW! That would turn me off pears, too. Oh, but don't you know that spraying fruit is okay, not harmful? Where is the sarcasm font?

    2. Wondering: Did you wash AND peel the pears? Always wash fruit or vegetable.


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