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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Around the Yard

"Why are we in here so early?"


 Early this evening, I heard the raccoon leaving the house, so I ran to feed the hens and trick them into their pen. An hour later, I came back out and they were all three sitting facing the door. In this picture, Thelma is getting up. She is expecting me to come into the pen with more food or to let them out. When I got to the door, they were all on their feet and moving away from the door. No, I did not open the door or go in. Notice how large Maggie May is getting. She is closest to the camera. She still does not have enough comb to indicate she might start laying or to tell me whether she is a she.

This hole is about three feet across and six inches deep...sigh...their newest dust hole spa.

another dust hole spa location
This dust bath location is where daffodils died earlier this year. It was sort of bare-ish, a condition the hens cannot resist. They don't have to work so hard to get through the St. Augustine grass.

two small tomatoes

There was one the other day. I suppose these are grape tomatoes. Even though I was hoping for larger ones. Well, two bites are better than none. This is my total "harvest" this year.

Today is the first day this week I have done more than just feed the hens. I actually cared about looking around. I even lopped a few limbs over my head, probably activity forbidden by the surgeon.

About the pear tree--I may not get pears or even ask. The million fruit flies sort of preclude bringing fruit home to work with. I have to buy one banana at a time, which means I don't have a banana each day. That drives me nuts. But, I do have the three quarts of dehydrated bananas.

Your turn
Does anyone have a smaller "harvest"? Isn't this better than listening to cataract talk? lol


  1. My tomatoe harvest was the best it's been in years. My pea harvest however was sad.

    1. Michelle,
      Well, tomatoes are delicious. You can always buy frozen peas. Frozen tomatoes? nah

  2. Don't push yourself too hard you need to heal a bit first. The self sown tomatoes that I have are better than any I have deliberatly planted lol.
    Have approx 12 tomatoes on two plants.

    1. cheap64,
      My friend called his father and asked him how to grow tomatoes. His father told him to take tomatoes and throw them up against the garage in late summer for a good harvest the next spring. Twelve tomatoes would make me sooo happy. Oh, I am not pushing myself too hard. That is how the fruit flies got such a firm hold, I think.

  3. Love, love, love home grown tomatoes. And two of them pee from a great height on any I can buy over here.
    Still too early to put tomatoes in - but I will.

    1. Ec.
      That is a funny saying. Anyone could accidentally grow these two tiny tomatoes. I I hope you have a great harvest of tomatoes.

  4. Is Alabama having a fruit fly problem?

    Where are they coming from?

    1. Janet,
      I am having a fruit fly problem, at least. I had them just about beat back until surgery. I wiped residue from my hands after handling a banana. The cloth napkin soon had a little orbit of fruit flies. I put ANY trash into a store plastic bag and take out the garbage many times each day. Vacuuming and the leaning sort of left out and still leaves out my best weapon--the wand on the vacuum cleaner.

      They breed like mad.

  5. Our tomatoes and peppers went absolutely nuts this year.


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