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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Surprise Free Seeds

Seed pods from Naked Ladies/Surprise Lilies

This August, I had a whole row of Naked Ladies, 40 stems that I counted. Each stem had 5-7 lilies. Sooo, 5x40=200lovely flowers, at least. I never took a picture! Aack Shame on me. Looking at them closely  as the flowers withered, I saw green pods under the dead and dying flowers. The one above was cut and examined. I took my thumb nail and  split open the pod. Imagine my surprise when I found what appeared to be tiny seeds inside.
Investigating further, I found that when the pods are mature and split, the tiny seeds can be planted for more Naked Ladies. Green pods are not mature because they don't split open spontaneously.
This year's first blossoms
Part of what grew and bloomed.

HERE is a link that tells all about the lily and pods and seeds. Tomorrow, I will check on them again. Or, maybe I can just cut the stems and bring them inside to wait for them to turn brown and split open.

Your turn
I could use some help from anyone who knows better than I how to do this? Let them split open outdoors and try to capture the seeds? Cut the stems that are leaning and bring them in? Put in vase/jar with water? Put in jar with no water. Help them split when they are dry or leave them to split on their own? Let recovered seeds dry out? Plant now? I could prepare some using all the permutations and see what works. But, whine whine that is too much trouble.

Have you ever grown these from seed? Remember, I am in the northern third of Alabama.


  1. I'm probably no help with the seed usage, but they are so very pretty. I live 25 miles from one of the great lakes and winters are VERY cold and Spring can be sometimes late. But I'd like to try those.

    1. Brigid,
      It would take a long time to see results with seeds. But, you are welcome to some bulbs.

  2. I have never grown Naked Ladies from seed and suspect it could be a long, long process. Think three to six years before they flower. Dividing the bulbs is a much surer (and quicker) way.

    1. EC,
      I do believe it would take a long time. But, it will be an accomplishment for me. With at least 40 bulbs out there, I won't be suffering for flowers.

  3. I put old nylons over the seed head when I want to save seeds from different plants. Then I don't even have to worry about watching them to be ready, I can just go and collect them in late fall. If they split open the seeds are in the nylon.

    1. Wendy,
      Thanks! What a great idea. Now to find 40 nylons. I can use some tulle I have to confine them when I run out of knee highs. I knew someone would have a good idea.

  4. I'm so happy to report that I refuse to wear nylons, and that is all I have to add. :-)

    1. Cherdo,
      I do not wear them either. I saved old kneehighs to tie up tomatoes.

      My skirts are so long that not much leg shows or I wear pants.

      Yay for us refusing to wear nylons.


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