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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Charter is Really Annoying Me! Injection Under Kneecap

Dark out
They expected to sleep here.
For whatever reason, Charter made an appointment for this Friday at 1pm to 3 pm for connecting my Internet service. I held my tongue, never reminding them I needed a pole to hook it up. I figured they could just make a useless trip and tell me I could not get it once again.

Why am I so calm about this? I got my ATT internet turned on with a $50 payment AND an $89 credit so I would not owe so much still. Plus, a very nice employee explained how I had such a huge bill. She was stymied at first, so she was not surprised that I did not understand.

Back to the story. They did not make the Friday appointment on September 5. Why am I not surprised? The guy called and told me it would be next week. grrr. Since I have internet at this point, I just was mildly annoyed and hugely disappointed that Charter was not very reliable so far. The guy asked what day it would be convenient for me for them to return and install my Internet connection. Since I have plans for the first three days, I told them Thursday or Friday. They chose Thursday. So, we will see. Ex bf will be here that day, so will see if the guys are so rude with him here.

Monday, I have an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon for my left knee. I hope he will put a cortisone shot under my kneecap. I love a fun time. You must know how much I hurt when I ask for a shot under the kneecap. Tuesday, I have a meeting at 7 pm. I know the day is free, but if they made an appointment and did not show up or stressed me out, I would feel horrible at the end of the day, especially after a stressful trip out of town. Same with Wednesday--5 pm dinner at the church. I can handle doing more than one thing in a day. Really, I can. But, having someone show up late and being here when I need to bathe and do something with my hair will cause me stress.

All this makes me wonder if I really want to change from ATT to Charter. Since I will have no contract with Charter, I can easily return to ATT. Wow! I never thought I would willingly considering going back to ATT again.


  1. Good luck.
    And even more than the internet, I hope you get some relief for your knee.
    Pain is a soul-sucking beast isn't it?

  2. EC,
    Thanks. Yes, pain has a life of its own that is hard to explain to a person not in pain. I never realized how pain affected my mother. I knew in my head she was in severe pain. But, the truth of the soul-sucking part was not fathomable.

  3. Cortisone shots hurt, I'm told, so you really have to be uncomfortable to ask for one. I hope this note finds you feeling a little better. Good luck on the internet. I had Comcast in my last home and would happily go without internet not to have to deal with them again.

  4. Brigid,
    The first one I got about 15 years ago was sprung on me. The doctor muttered something to the nurse, said he was going to give me a cortisone shot under my kneecap and did it before I could even cringe. I have had cortisone shots in shoulders, too. And, yes, I am desperate for relief.

    This is getting ridiculous with Charter. I am lured by their speed and by the desire to get rid of ATT.

    Thanks, I feel a little better, but that is from not sitting up straight at wifi hot spots.

  5. I understand you have problems with AT&T, but if you can find a particular person in one of their stores who will help you with problems, then AT&T is usually great. Why get the Charter when they treat you like poop?


    1. Jsnie,
      I have found someone higher up in ATT that can figure out the problems I have. These two women gave me their phone numbers and said to call them for help. I do. They were the ones who got the ball rolling for a month to figure out why my cell and home phones were cut off with payments up to date and found they lost the payment after they took it from my bank account.

      The charter speed--30 mb per something compared to 6 from ATT is the only reason I am putting up with Charter's shenanigans.

  6. An injection under your knee cap sounds horrible, but I hope it helps.

    I'm having issues with my internet too and it's so frustrating.

    1. LL,
      My father resisted going to doctors and never submitted to shots until both his shoulders were "frozen" and he was in pain, not able to raise even his hand, not able to work. Then, he submitted and said the injection was not so bad. He even went back about a year later with the same thing, asking for a shot.

      The doctor surprised me while I was lying on my back with the knee raised and firmly in his grasp. If I had been sitting up and he had asked if I wanted the injection, I would have said, "NO." It actually did not hurt like one would imagine. Actually, it hurt less than most injections.

      I don't think I have ever had anything in my life frustrate me like internet problems do.

  7. Mostly they just hurt as you get them and they had me swing my lower leg back and forth to distribute and the pain quickly went away. Unfortunately, the shot only lasted about six weeks, but that was enough to get up and walking on my knee replacement in the other knee. I noticed it did a number on my blood glucose also. It went up quite a bit for a while.


  8. Usually, when they give the cortisone shots, there's also another medicine in there that will lessen the pain. Ask your doc about it.

    If your knee is really hurting, you get to the point where you have a weird gait and injure it even more. So, you're right to get something done quick.

    Lastly, I'm with Janie. I'd tell Charter to go fly a kite.


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