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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Plan Not Executed

Crystal Kiss
$20 retail
(nothing to do with post, just a pretty find)

The Plan:
This is a large economy in my opinion. This is in the planning stage but might help you save money.

Last December or November, I bought 20 Energizer batteries at Office Max for $16.99 and received a credit on my OM Perks card of $16.98. The ad proclaimed the batteries would cost 1 cent. I received that $16.98 this week, ready for me to spend.

Besides that amount, I also had $2.43 on the MaxPerks card from recycling toners and cartridges.

Then, when I bought a Coke while my marathon session of waiting for the fifteen-minute checkup, I received a receipt that made my heart sing. Just for doing an online survey, I received "$5 off next $25 purchase" offer.

$16.98 + $2.43= $18.55 +$5 = $23.55  !!!
$25.00 - 23.55= $1.45

I must pay $1.45 for a $25 purchase.
Of course, there is a 9% sales tax to pay on the $25 purchase: 0.09 x $2.25.

$2.25 +$1.45= $3.70 I must pay $3.70 for a $25 purchase. Now, the next thing to do is find a sale so that my money spent at OM is maximized.

The plan just needs to be executed when I have $3.70 and find a good sale on something I need.

I have a faulty Lexar SD card that I need to return for about $9 credit. Sooo, this may get even better!

When I try to convince others that recycling and sales at OM are good, they poo poo my idea as a really an expensive indulgence. Maybe you don't have a printer, but you may know people who do. The battery deal did not require anything but a desire to have batteries. Of course, you have to have money to begin with. I may have gotten those batteries with MaxPerks and spent nothing on them. I forgot.

This might be a good place and time to pick up a few birthday or Christmas gifts! I do hope the big grandkids in NYC like batteries and socks for Christmas. Even when I buy anything for my own use, it must be on sale, so this will require thought.  {{{happy dance}}}

I did not put in these huge gaps in text. Okay?

Your turn
Have you tried any of the schemes plans for savings in the OM ads? Have you looked into the deals? Staples might have the same deals. I know they have the recycling.


  1. As much as I'd like to participate in savings like OM, CVS, and other retailers offer, I just don't have the time/mental capacity to dive in just yet.

    GREAT job on the savings though!

  2. tlc,
    I don't work very hard at it. Start by saving cartridges or toners. Put them in a plastic bag so nothing leaks. Then, just let them stack up while you work up to the rest. You will get a different savings plan than teachers. Next thing to do when you have the time, check on plans available for recycling. I get credit applied after each quarter. Individuals get it applied once a month, I think. Take it slowly with it, learn and you will enjoy the experience rather than making it a chore. Setting aside cartridges and toners is the first thing that takes no effort. Good luck.

  3. I do not frequent Office Max. The nearest is 30 miles away. I certainly would, however, if one was convenient. And believe me, if I did play the OM game, my kids would definitely be getting gifts from there. Socks? Batteries? School supplies? I think those are great gifts!
    I DO use Rite Aid and its Up Reward program, as we have one a mere 12 miles away. At the end ot Christmas sale, I spent down soon to expire awards on clearance items for Christmas gifts. Any future Up Rewards I earn will probably be spent on wine!

    1. Meg B.,
      As long as there is a plan in I have not gotten into the Rite Aid groove. I am trying. My older grandkids are at the age it is hard to buy something FOR them, that is, something they might like to wear or play with. Oh, they have wants, just not in my league. They need batteries and socks. I still send school supplies gotten for free at OM. Besides, I use the free school supplies from OM for the Christmas Child boxes. Thanks for the comment.

  4. I don't have a local Office Max but this makes me want one!!! I am really trying to get the costs of everything down for Christmas and this is the way to go.
    I have to tell you that my heart sings when I get a $10 off $50 at CVS. I save all my free coupons for that!

  5. Sonya Ann,
    Then you will like Checkout 51 in the next post.

    You might check Office Depot and Staples. I don't have those so have nothing with which to compare.

    Yes, I see the CVS and think that I must take advantage of that. Free coupons?
    Even if you save all your cartridges and have any reason to drive in the town where OM is located, if not too far, you could still go once to drop off and then go back to redeem. There are rules and they can expire, so figure that in if you must travel to get there.


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