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Monday, January 27, 2014

Pinecone is taking referrals from me

The Treehouse Newsletter

Several people contacted me to join Pinecone Research for a chance to do surveys that are 100%guaranteed to earn $3. You will not get half through the survey and find out you are not qualified.

There are household questions that enable you to be on many different surveys. But, you know upfront that this is NOT a survey.

Today, I was contacted by Pinecone to refer friends. If you want me to send you the information, email me at with the subject of "Pinecone for me".  Otherwise, I might not see your email.Then, and only then can I sent you the referral link. I cannot put it on my blog. I do not want to lose this gig.
Don't wait too long to contact me.

I make about $100 each year, but I spend little time doing surveys. Others make more than I. This free money would buy one or several Christmas gifts, depending how much you want to spend on gifts. There were times when that $3 on a cc-type card bought me a bit of gas in the car or a half-gallon of milk. At other times I let it just collect on the card and have been able to buy a gift for someone, Christmas or birthday gift. I think I have $6 on it now.

Often, they send products to try.

subject:  "Pinecone for me"  without italic or quotes is fine.

I get nothing for the referral!

Your turn
Does anyone participate in Pinecone surveys?


  1. Got it. I mailed you at 9:45, you and five other people. Let me know if you do not receive information.


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