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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Broken and Replaced, Thankfully

Shiny bright and new
with metal wheels
wheel broken

The old wagon was given to me as a second hand wagon, cheap from Walmart. It was shiny new, barely used. But, it did the job. 

Exbf kept running it hard  into and up a step from the back to front yard--one concrete step. He was annoyed by my reminding him not to hit the step. Finally, I said very calmly that I could not afford to replace it. So, he was more gentle. Then, it finally broke. I was distraught because I had no money. He bought me a new one after I asked. I was very grateful for his help. I did not blame him for breaking it because the wheels were plastic. Now, there are metal wheels.

The old wagon lasted six years, so the new one should last the rest of my life. The cheap wagon would have suited me just fine. For some reason, the cheaper wagon was never available during the Christmas holiday this year.

Inside the old wagon there is something broken off on the bottom of the wagon. See it? A bolt?  Maybe I can figure out how it goes back together. I plan to find other wheels, metal hopefully, but plastic if that is all there is. I searched for more wheels for a week, online and in stores here. I had to have a wagon, my assisstive device. If I could have waited longer, the wagon could have been fixed.

There were only a period of nine days that I had no wagon. The wagon helps me to bring in groceries and all sorts of things. I used it today to hang clothing outdoors. I put the laundry in the wagon, pulled it to the clothes line and did not have to carry so far or bend so far, so many times. Exbf uses the wagon because of his two hips that need replacing.

Your turn
Have you been forced to spend more money than necessary because you absolutely need something NOW? Does a wagon help you to carry things beyond your ability or to keep from hurting yourself?


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  3. Hi Linda ...Tonight I am able to visit your site without receiving a warning from Chrome (I LOVE the Chrome browser!)

  4. I never thought to use a wagon to move things. That's an excellent idea. Favorite Young Man had a beautiful red wood wagon that my parents gave him. I wish I had brought it with me. Well, it's lost to me. X probably threw it out, or if he kept it for some reason, he would never let me have it.


    1. Janie,
      I didn't think of using a wagon until I actually was having more back and knee problems. It's too bad you lost the wagon your parents gave your son. Can son get it back since it was his?

      Maybe you have a friend whose child is getting older. If you tell people why you want it, they will keep A new one is worth the cost in lack of pain and being able to do things on my own. Of course, exbf got it for me. I have used it at least once every other day around here.

    2. Favorite Young Man would never ask his dad for anything. Besides, it would be difficult to get it from Illinois to Florida. It would be so nice for groceries and moving things around in the yard. Maybe someone in my neighborhood who has children will have a wagon to give away one of these days.

    3. Janie,
      I see. That is a little too far. Maybe if you mention you are looking for a wagon, someone will have one or know of one to be had by you.

  5. Youngest got a red wagon 4 years ago tor Christmas. He cared for it beautifully. It has since been appropriated by me. I use it to cart things to and to the vegetable garden, and to cart weeds and brush ftom my glower bed to the compost pile. I am too short to get a good hold on the wheelbarrow. At his insistence (he is 8) I keep it clean...all dirt must be brushed out afternoon each use.
    Yes, I have paid top dollar for urgent needs. I have far too many examples to list!
    Interestingly, today my hsaband and I hit the big city, as we call it, for some stocking up. We noted that Black Friday has nothing on MLK Day. All Xmas stuff at 90 percent off. Great deals on winter clothing, and open ended toys ie :Crayola and Play Doh. I also bought quilt preferred cotton brand is typically 49.99 for a queen size package...I found it today14.99. My quilt top fabric comes from thrift shops or cast off far the biggest expense of this hobby is the batting....and far too often I have not had it on hand when I get to that part of the project, sending me to the store to buy less expensive, lesser quality polyester batting. Today, I came out with one package,though I don't have a current project. Told husbandof the deal and he walked back in, bought two more, and several rolls of wrapping paper for. 39/45 sq ft.!

  6. Meg,
    That is amusing that he holds you to keeping it clean. Actually, it will stay nice looking for longer. Kids can be such taskmasters!
    Wheelbarrows are not as comfortable as a kid's wagon, even for me, a tall person, to handle.If I had had notice, I could have shopped thrift stores or listings for people selling a wagon online.

    That is a great deal on the batting. And, your husband was so smart to get more for you AND the wrapping paper, both at super prices.

    I know it is not the same, but blankets or worn quilts were what my mother used to make our quilts. She was too overworked to make a top and had plenty of quilts getting threadbare. Encasing them in a topping and backing of sheets or pretty fabric helped her to keep us warm.

    I have less than $1 to last to the end of the month, so I went nowhere today. You really scored. I will have to remember this for next year. Thanks.

  7. A wagon would be a good idea!

    1. Val,
      I certainly think so! Works for me. Thanks.

  8. Oooh....your mother's idea is great! Wish I had been that clever years ago when I tossed my old, store bought comforter. It would have been so easy to use it to bat a quilt!!!
    I have plain white sheets on all the beds, and splurged on down comforters for the beds. (Also white.) I refuse to heat the house above 55 at night, (unless the woodstove is going.) The down comforters were a necessity...or so I told myself. Daughter chooses to sleep under a handmade quilt's a funny size. Drop is a tad short, but super long because I refuse to buy yardage new. I find remnants, and make it as best I kids aren't county fair judges!
    Thanks for yge tip!

    1. Meg B.,
      This seemed like such a commonplace idea. I just never thought of it as very special. But, if it gives you an idea to save money, I am so pleased. How about buying old comforters to reuse?

      I remember having my favorite thing to sleep under. Not buying new yardage is a great idea. County Fair judges might approve, too.


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