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Friday, January 17, 2014

Free Beans, Eggs; and Frugal Day of Eating

dinner today
Today was a very frugal day of eating. The beans and breakfast eggs were free. The rest was on sale and cooked previously, leftovers

I arose late today, ate breakfast and lunch late. Here is the total of what I have eaten today.

4 eggs     Free from hens
bacon     $0.20
oj            $0.17
cheese    $0.25
milk        $0.20
turkey     $0.25
beans      Free from dinner
total        $1.07

Now, I may have a bowl of oats tonight before bed if I am hungry. I will make that $0.25. So, I could say today was a $1.32 for the day.

x 30 days
$41.10 for a month
Why four eggs for breakfast?
I have to leave here by 6:20 in the morning. So, I was going to make breakfast for Saturday, too. I sat here enjoying the eggs and had one bite of  bacon and one bite of eggs/cheese left when I realized what I had done! I ate breakfast for tomorrow! I have never eaten four eggs at one time! You can guess that I was not hungry for hours and had no bouts of hypoglycemia today. 
The free green beans? I went to a church dinner where I asked for seconds of dinner--lasagna,green beans bread and dessert. I did not want bread or dessert seconds. I had not eaten the bread and only had banana pudding for dessert.

how it started

There was about a gallon of green beans ready for the trash when I asked for seconds. The guy was already complaining about throwing away food. When he heard I wanted seconds, he insisted on dipping out this huge container of green beans. I was soooo happy. There must be three cups of green beans, my favorite vegetable. Okay, I have lots of favorite vegetables.
I partially heated the beans in a bowl, put the turkey on top and finished heating it. Even though I had oj, I still wanted the juicy orange for dinner.
There was no attempt to eat cheaply today. I was feeling puny and just ate a bit. But, I am full. It was just what I had here that I wanted.
I suppose I will cook breakfast for tomorrow or make oats in the morning. Next time, I will leave the extra scrambled eggs with cheese and bacon in the kitchen!
Your turn
Do you ever eat so frugally? Do you ever figure what your day of eating costs you? Would you have taken the green beans? 


  1. I often eat fairly frugally. As a vegetarian I prefer simple foods. And vegetables fresh from the garden need very little in the way of sauce.
    I haven't ever tried to work out what those days cost. Not much - but the vegetables while cheap are not free by the time the fertiliser, the seed and the water are factored in. Cents only though.
    And delicious.

    1. Cents only and fresh from your own garden are priceless attributes. There are days I eat not quite so frugally, but feel I have more variety and nutrition. Thanks.

  2. Yes, I aim to eat frugally as much as possible and abhor any kind of food waste. Gifts of freshly picked and foraged produce are freely exchanged over the garden fence, we have lovely neighbours!

    1. Oh, Kat, You have great neighbors. My neighbors grown nothing at all.

  3. We eat frugally all the time. According to the US Dept of AG the cost of food on the Thrifty Plan (the lowest they list) is $160.40 for a female age 51 - 70 and for a couple ages 51-70 it is $359.30. I've calculated that my food costs roughly $130 a month including produce - but it is actually less than that because I raise most of my veggies and a good deal of fruit. As a couple we usually spend about $400 but are trying to get it back to $350. About 1/4 - 1/3 of what we buy is left over on purpose for the next month/months - we shop sales and buy more when the sale is really good, usually on meat/fish/poultry.

    1. I remember one week when I bought lots on sale for freezing and for later. The next week absolutely nothing was on sale. It goes that way sometimes. I think $160/mth for me, aged 67, provides lots of snack and goodies. I will see at the end of January what I spent. Good luck on cutting back on spending.

    2. I try for a no waste kitchen. Of course, having chickens helps with that goal :-)
      One day our lunch looked like Luby's Cafeteria. One slice of toast with a bit of leftover sloppy joe meat, quarter cup of leftover corn, and whatever bits were leftover in the refrigerator. One evening I had one pork patty left in the freezer so we shared that and shared a large sweet potato with leftover cobbler for dessert. It's kind of a challenge to see how much I can make from scratch.

    3. Once in a while, I have Scottish oatmeal for dinner, too.

    4. I don't know Luby's, but I get the idea. Eating sparsely but well is better for your health. Yes, I agree with the challenge aspect. That was my thought while planning this dinner.

    5. I have never had Scottish oatmeal. I have had oats for dinner, not very good with the sugar I put on the oatmeal, but I figure this in with calories and sugar I have consumed during the day.

    6. OH, Scottish oatmeal is heavenly. Creamy and good with substance. Bob's Red Mill sells it. I cook it one cup of water and a third cup oats. Let it simmer for about 10 min or more. I like to use toffee flavored stevia to sweeten.

    7. OH, Scottish oatmeal is heavenly. Creamy and good with substance. Bob's Red Mill sells it. I cook it one cup of water and a third cup oats. Let it simmer for about 10 min or more. I like to use toffee flavored stevia to sweeten.

    8. Patti,
      I am going to look for that and try it. Thanks. Will it cook okay in the microwave?

    9. I've never made it in the microwave, thinking it needed to be slow cooked.

    10. Patti,
      You are probably right! I was hoping. Speaking of slow cooked, I have a one quart slow cooker. I wonder if that would work? I would not leave it on overnight, just eat it later.


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