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Saturday, January 25, 2014

First Bunny $10 Birthday Reward

There will be no pictures today. Blogger, along with the rest of my computer is not working right. Although lots of "stuff" was removed, using a program to clean it made me cry.

Well, I suppose it is Picasa that is not working correctly. But, it's all related. Picasa is on my computer.

Remember the Walmart deal with Energizer batteries?  I got my first $10 gift card, took a picture, and I cannot move it to my blog. So, just visualize it.

It's not my birthday, just Energizer Bunny's birthday.

Your turn
Did anyone take advantage of the Walmart/Energizer deal? There are still packages with peelies left.


  1. How did you clean up the mess that woman made out of your blog? I'm here!

  2. I'm confused. OM? She did not make a mess, just deleted a big mess of things that should not have been there. That was free. OM wants money to clear up malware and whatever else there is that should not be there. I tried to use a program and did not do it right today....sigh. Thanks.

  3. Hope you get your computer fixed soon. Computer problems scare me, so I back all my photos and important documents up to Dropbox AND an external hard drive.

    1. tlc,
      As soon as I can, I will get an external hard drive. It is still driving me crazy. It is still driving me crazy. Thanks.


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