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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Frozen Tub!

ice between drain and blue cloth
Click to biggify

Can you see the ice between the drain and the blue cloth?  Every faucet was "stuck." When I barely opened the faucet, eventually the faucet dripped a bit. All the red stuff splattered about the drain is from the faucet eventually "thawing" a bit.
Four votive candles on a saucer are under the tub as near to drain and pipes as I can get it. There will be no picture. There are flames, dirty saucer, and spider webs!

on my lap

blanket around my shoulder
black coat with food drip
washing machine water runs into washer and drains
faucets in the kitchen run and drain
tub still has the ice chunk but now both faucets in the tub run and drain
bathroom sink faucets run and drain.
the dishwasher will not drain, but there is still a light under the kitchen sink right next to dishwasher
I need to put candles in the dishwasher! NOW!
I went to bed last night after testing water everywhere every few minutes. I did forget to leave them running! I was so tired I was reeling. This morning each faucet felt "stuck" but opened up after a few minutes.
It is 12F up from 4F.
David, how did you make it?
Your turn
How is it going in the frigid places? NO, Janet, you don't have to report on your balmy
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  1. Wow! That's cold. It's chilly here, especially for us. I think it's 30+. We're supposed to be back in the 50s tomorrow. When I look out my front window, I don't see a single soul. Everyone is staying indoors. But I know Favorite Young Man rode his bicycle to work this morning, just as he always does.


    1. I am going to venture to the mailbox .I have seen none and only want to see temps I will love the 50s this weekend even if it is raining! My hands are so cold I cannot type without pain. He is a sturdy young man to ride in the cold!

  2. Why is it so cold inside your house? no heating apparatus? broken heater? Be careful, you need some warmth to survive.

    1. Kristine.
      I need a new space heater. The house is drafty. I won't die, just suffer. Thanks for expressing your concern.

  3. Ouch. I am hoping for warmer, more comfortable conditions for you (and the hens) soon.

    1. EC,
      Me too! I am really afraid for them.

  4. I had a bathtub drain freeze during the winter of 1982. I was single, renting and followed my usual procedure of cutting the water off at the main, draining the lines in the faucet and leaving the house with almost completely unheated until I came home in the evening.

    When I went to bathe that evening, after I turned the water back on, I noticed the water wouldn't drain, even with the stopper out. The trap froze, and the water eventually drained.

    I didn't have any problems with freezing during the last few days, since the temperature didn't drop below 20, I made sure all the pipes were insulated and we were lucky the wind stopped blowing before last night hit.

    Still, the temperature didn't get above freezing, until after 11:00 am. That's very unusual for this part of the country.

    Yesterday, the high temp was around 33 degrees and I don't remember it being that could more than two or three times during my life.

    Stay warm.

    1. Jess,
      Thankfully, the trap thawed and you did not have a plumbing problem. Now, the tub is running freely. The bathroom and kitchen sinks run freely. This is going to be a hefty water bill but better than a plumbing bill. The washer drain has been leaking and seems to have escalated the last two days. At least it leaks through to the basement! For some reason the dishwasher makes draining noises, but the water is still there. Wonder what that means?

      Where do you live?

    2. In the southeast corner of Southeast Texas. So close to Louisiana, a Texas/Cajun culture was born. It's perfectly acceptable to eat rice with chili here, but frowned upon - almost considered sacrilegious - in other parts of Texas.

      Dishwashers usually hook to to the P-trap on the kitchen sink. The water is pumped from the dishwasher, through a hose and ties into a special fitting, which you should find under the kitchen sink.

      If the water is not leaving the dishwasher, the discharge line is clogged, or the pump has failed.

      Clothes washers usually pump the water into an open drain pipe in the wall. The water is then supposed to run into the sewer system. The drain pipes are called DWV (drain, waste, vent) pipes, and are not pressure rated. If any pressure is applied, or there's enough pressure due to the water column, the fittings will leak, or even come apart, if they weren't connected correctly.

      Just guessing from your post, your drain piping is frozen and clogged. Until it thaws, you'll have drain problems.

    3. The dishwasher is the problem. I can hear the pump running, but the bottom of the dw is full of water. So, do you think it will actually drain once the weather is warmer?

      Clogged might be the problem. I forgot I had candles in the dw and tried the drain button. That threw water up on the candles in the saucer. Candle wax was floating. I dipped out all I saw....grrr.

      I have done several washes and the water is draining into the pipe. I think the problem is a leak in the cold water pipe that was a problem before the cold. The freezing may have exacerbated the problem.

      Thanks. I can understand where you live now, near Houston. I know that Houston is sweltering in the summer. My best friend said that when he was in the AF that people from England stationed in Houston were given combat pay because of the heat and humidity. Of course, this was before ac was in offices.

      Thanks for the help on the frozen things.

  5. It seems all of North America has been in a deep freeze this winter. In the fall I had read it was going to be a hard winter, and I wondered what that meant. Now I know.

    1. Sue,
      I figured that the caterpillars did not know what they were talking about or it did not apply to me. Next time, I will listen.

    2. Isn't it amazing how nature knows so much more about itself than we do.

    3. After this experience, I will pay attention!


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